Billy Graham a Freemason? Praises the DeMolays – Masonic Youth Group

Billy Graham has been instrumental in emphasizing conversion, instead of discipleship — setting the stage for the once-saved-always-saved deception that is mainstream today.

Billy even made excuses for Bill Clinton’s womanizing, laughing as he defended Bill Clinton, a DeMolay, in the Katie Couric interview.


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Billy Graham Endorses a Masonic Youth Group

“This  all started for me a year ago when I first  started  using the  Internet  that  I stumbled across a Masonic  web  page  that included a list of Famous Masons. On this original list were  the names  of  Rev. Billy Graham and his good friend  Norman Vincent Peale. …

The  Masonic  book [The Clergy and the Craft] was published in 1970 by a  Freemason,  Rev. Forrest  D. Haggard, which clearly reveals  Dr.  Billy  Graham’s approval of the Masonic youth organization DeMolay.

This same viewpoint is extended in course, to the youth organizations that affiliate with the Masonic lodge in most  communities. This author has served as advisor to the Order of DeMolay and can testify  to  that excellent group. His wife has served  in  Job’s Daughters and many of the young ladies from his congregation have been  in the Order of Rainbow. It is time that these groups  are, not as competition, but allied organizations, as Dr. Billy Graham said: “I find two kinds of young people today First [?l or hand?] least  important  are those given to rebellion and  violence.  We have  always had those even as far back as Cain and  Abel.  These vow  to annihilate the “middle class” morality and ethic, and  to toss  away the time-honored traditions and ideals of  yesteryear. But happily, this group is a tiny minority, with more noise  than influence.  Then there are thoughtful, concerned young  people  – who  seek  to correct errors in moral navigation that  have  been made  by their elders, intelligently and responsibly.  There  are the  young people upon which the hope of America’s  future  rests and  DeMolays are part of this group.. May God richly  bless  all DeMolays as they continue their good work. …

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When Billy Graham laughed to minimize Bill Clinton’s adultery

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