The Alaska news I’ve seen on the subject has been ignoring what is almost certainly the real reason Millette was ousted. Russ is a Ron Paul supporter whom the old Republican guard can’t stand. Now they can breath a sigh of relief. Back to business as usual.
Pretty sad. The warmongers, Federal Reserve and police state supporters can rejoice.
I’m glad I didn’t become a delegate, helping to vote Millette in, to then see this happen.
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From: Daily Paul

Alaska GOP Ousts Incoming Chairman Russ Millette

On Thursday on Fireweed Lane, an executive committee of Alaska’s Republican Party took a vote and ousted incoming Republican Party chairman, Russ Millette from the Republican Party top spot one day before he could sit in the chair. Since he was not yet in office, Millette did not to vote on his own forced departure.

Prior to the meeting on Thursday, party officials moved over $34,000 from the party’s coffers to the party’s sister group in Juneau on Wednesday, effectively putting the funds out of the incoming chairman’s reach.

Joe Miller ally, Millette, was under the gun for his claims that he was a life-long Republican as well as his lack of fund-raising for the party since he was elected to his position.…

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