Anchorage’s late spring breakup: Our snow pile will melt today — almost ONE MONTH later than normal

I just wrote this on Facebook.

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Looks like the last snow pile in our yard will melt today in Anchorage. I have been keeping track of this through the years, and have noticed that this pile is usually melted by April 15th. So our spring thaw was delayed by almost one month this year.

Alaska extended the studded snow tire removal date by one month, also.

So Mother’s Day 2013 will be the last snow in our yard. And we’re at sea level, so hillside and the mountains still have a lot of snow, and also the wooded areas. I was just hiking at Kincaid Park (right near the ocean) a few days ago, and many of the trails were covered with thick snow.

And in the recesses, the ground isn’t thawing enough for the melted snow to sink into the ground, so there are huge puddles to walk around.

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