[ video ] Silkie Carlo: Bilderberg 2013 Fringe Festival Protest Coordinator — “We have come together to witness a global event, to hold our leaders to account and to express our dissent through creativity and joy”

Impressive lady!! No wonder why the police ended up being so friendly!

This is Silkie’s amazing mission statement for this unique, non-mean-spirited protest, from bilderbergfringefestival.co.uk/about:

Every year politicians, royalty and CEO’s meet in secret to discuss the fate of the world. This year, you are all invited!

2013 welcomes the first ever Bilderberg Fringe Festival. Taking place between 7th – 9th June in Watford, the festival is a unique, FREE event which will nurture dialogue and discourse about Bilderberg in a peaceful, fun environment – alongside a jam-packed weekend of speakers, comedy, music, workshops, arts and entertainment!

Seeking to stimulate hearts and minds and unite the politically conscious, the event will be a positive platform which harmonises fun with enlightened idea exchanges. The Bilderberg Fringe Festival is an unmissable occasion for conscious citizens from all over the world to join together and have a fantastic party.

We are expressing our outrage at this travesty of democracy the only way we know how. By hula-hooping in the sunshine and dancing barefoot in the grass. Except where cows have been.

Where Bilderberg is closed, dark and joyless, we are open, happy and free. They may have better spa facilities, but we have better chai.

The Bilderberg Fringe Festival Mission Statement

We have come together to witness a global event, to hold our leaders to account and to express our dissent through creativity and joy. We aim to create a space that is holistic, positive and inclusive of all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion, creed, political association or agenda – just as long as tolerance and non-violence forms part of your politics. We aspire to learn from each other’s differences, whilst appreciating each other’s similarities.

We ask all attendees to make this promise as they enter the site:

“By entering this space I understand and appreciate its ethos. I promise to be respectful of others, their opinions and property. I promise to speak with transparency and honesty, and to listen to others with open-mindedness. I promise to look for the uniqueness in everyone I meet and to treat them with consideration.”

The Bilderberg Fringe Festival is strictly feel-good vibes only!

* * *

Interview starts at minute-2[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq3WVlUSRt4]Bilderberg Bills UK Taxpayers


Published on Jun 14, 2013

Bilderberg Security Op Cost £1 Million
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Lee Ann McAdoo interviews Silkie Carlo
Silkie Carlo, organizer of the Bilderberg Fringe Festival


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