(video) Vet Tells Harrowing Tale of Military Life and NEAR DEATH Experiences — Encountered three demons, including ANGELINA-JOLIE-like, green, sticky LUST DEMON | Awesome ANGEL frees him — Mom praying! | Describes HELL: “HATE, HEAT & HOPELESSNESS”

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Mario died and encountered three demons,
including Angelina-Jolie-like lust demon with a green, sticky garment,
and a ‘rock’ demon of pride, whom Mario had apparently also succumbed to.

AWESOME ANGEL frees him while Mom prays at bedside!


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Minute 12: the three demons and the angel! | Minute 33: Mario describes his experience in hell[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cnWKSPgAbI]Vet Tells Harrowing Tale of Military Life and Near Death Experiences


Published on Nov 14, 2013

Alex talks with Army Veteran Mario Lopez in-studio. Mr. Lopez was seriously injured in Afghanistan when his engineering unit ran over an IED and since has begun a Ministry, become a motivational speaker and successful artist. They also discuss topics like, 9/11, false flags, Globalism and religion.

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(video) Wounded Vet Describes Life in Hell: “I KNEW I DESERVED TO BE THERE. … The hopelessness there: I knew that there was nothing I could do, that I was going to be there FOREVER, and I knew that I missed out.”

Bill Wiese’s 23 Minutes in Hell — What is it like in Hell? — “How bad could it be? You can’t breath; you can’t eat; you can’t sleep… you’re tormented. And all this you have to endure for eternity.”

Jesus Mentions Hell and Destruction in 46 Verses! — We don’t need to know Greek to be able to clearly see hell is real and eternal. We better beware and tell others too!

My theory on the Nephilim: When God told the Children of Israel to kill every man, woman and child in Canaan (the giants), there was this Genesis-6, demon-contaminated genetic problem again? Israel did not; and then there was intermarriage. This would explain why so many seem to be predisposed towards evil — and they become our leaders — even of churches?!!

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