Real contrails dissipate rapidly. These things just linger, and fill up the sky. Notice, they’re not in movies and TV shows more than 20 years ago, when jets were still all over the sky, but they are now.

The Air Force definitely is involved, an Air Force pilot told me at least 10 years ago. They use jet aircraft, unlike what the meteorologist claims they’re using, here. There is no way the type of plane he shows could spray the giant areas he shows.

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[youtube=]Meteorologists Begin To Admit To Climate Engineering

Dane Wigington

Published on May 13, 2014

When do the so called “experts” of weather (such as meteorologists) begin to show any sign of honor by speaking of what is truly going on in our skies? Global climate engineering is unbelievably blatant and obvious, to deny these atmospheric spraying programs is beyond ridiculous at this point. In the very short 4 minute video below, at least one weatherman is moving toward disclosure of the truth.

Dane Wigington


CHEMTRAILS — Weatherman Admits Military Spraying Chemicals In The Sky

Chemtrails Exposed on German Television — “The military planes of the German Federal Army are manipulating our climate. This is what the weather researchers are presuming, and their suspicions are confirmed”