“Israel sells US military technology to China all the time. And that gets to Russia….” – Joel Skousen (minute-15)

Joel mentions the Mossad/CIA connection at minute-30

* * *

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIyDNOO6G64]Joel Skousen – The Globalists & World War 3



Published on Feb 28, 2015

Joel Skousen with Jeff Rense, February 25, 2015.
On Ukraine, Russia, Poroshenko & Putin; The Globalists; Mao Zedong & Chiang Kai-Shek; Adolf Hitler & Poland; “Putin the most wealthy man in the world”; Putin & the Baltic States; Putin & the EU; Killing Small Independent Oil Companies; Angela Merkel is a former GDR-Communist; The Globalists’ Double-Deception With Double-Agents like Henry Kissinger and Alger Hiss; “Everybody’s lying and covering up, so there’s no way that the average individual can understand this”; “The bottom line is that Anglo-American Globalists are predators, who are out to take away our sovereignty and get us into a war and justify militarized global government”; “They need Russia and China to attack, that’s the only thing that explains why they’ve been building up Russia and China, giving them everything”; Phony Sanctions and Western Oil Companies in Russia; Russia’s Next Generation 100 ton ICBM missiles replace the SS-18 Satan; “Barack Obama will be preplaced by a controlled Republican in 2016”; John Hindley Jr.; No U.S. Border & Immigration; Ted Cruz & Israel; Rand Paul & Israel; Bolshevik Zionists; Labor Zionism; The Mossad & The CIA; “Israeli Arabs trained by the Mossad successfully infiltrated Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc and they now run most of ISIS and the most of other rebel Jihadist movements in Syria”; “The Israeli lobby is the most powerful lobby in the United States”; “8 Million votes disappeared in 2012”; Texe Marrs’ Weekly Newsletter on the 13 leading GOP Candidates and Israel; Billy Graham and Rabbi Tannenbaum of New York; Senator Ted Cruz & Goldman Sachs; Sheldon Adelson had a 100 Million dollars to donate to Republicans who backed Israel; The Rothschilds; Barack Obama & Henry Kissinger; Professional Disinformation Agents on the Internet; Staged Photoshopped ISIS Videos; WW3 and Elimination of Dissidents; NSA Director Mike Rogers; and more.