(video) HOW TO SPOT AN FBI INFORMANT – Pete Santilli Exposed by Vinny Eastwood

HOW TO SPOT AN FBI INFORMANT Glenn Canady, Stew Webb & Vinny Eastwood Expose Pete Santilli

Vinny Eastwood

Vinny Eastwood

Published on Jan 9, 2016

HOW TO SPOT AN FBI INFORMANT. Glenn Canady, Stew Webb & Vinny Eastwood Expose Pete Santilli


Called up in the middle of breakfast, Vinny Eastwood lays out in detail the direct evidence linking internet Talk Radio Show host Peter Santilli to the FBI and his long track record of crimes he never seems to be punished for including carrying a concealed handgun in Ohio without a permit, under Ohio state law the offenses he was charged with came with a mandatory minimum sentence of up to 5 years, he was release the very next day, on $0 bail and all charges were dropped!
Now Pete Santilli is in Oregon and has been appointed the lead press agent for the protesters who’ve taken over a federal building, these people must be warned about this wolf in sheeps clothing in order to prevent any loss of life among veterans, militia and the American people at the hands of the government and the provocateurs in their employ.

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