Skousen: Russia Continues to Violate All Disarmament Treaties While US Says Nothing — We continue our unilateral disarmament in order to feign weakness and invite a future nuclear strike on US • The globalists who control this administration don’t want Russia disarmed • All Republican administrations have covered for Russia as well

World Affairs Brief, July 1, 2016 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Meanwhile, Russia continues to violate all of its disarmament treaties, while the US fails to call them on it. Furthermore, we continue our unilateral disarmament in order to feign weakness and invite a future nuclear strike on US military forces. Bill Gertz follows the Russian cheating problem regularly at the Washington Free Beacon.

U.S. nuclear arms inspectors recently discovered that Russia is violating the New START arms treaty by improperly eliminating SS-25 mobile missiles, American defense officials said.

During the recent visit to a Russian missile base, U.S. technicians found critical components of SS-25s—road-mobile, intercontinental ballistic missiles—had been unbolted instead of cut to permanently disable the components. Additionally, American inspectors were unable to verify missiles slated for elimination had been destroyed. Instead, only [empty] missile launch canisters were inspected.

This may not seem like a big thing, but this is typical of Russian cheating—going through the motions but keeping the missiles secretly in storage, rather than destroying them.

On-site inspectors also reported they were unable to verify that Russia had completed all New START treaty cuts to launchers declared eliminated by Russia between 2011 and 2015.

“Russia will meet their treaty elimination goals by using empty launchers from retired and retiring missile systems,” said one official. “They’re basically cutting up launchers that don’t carry missiles anyway.”

Asked about the April verification problems, State Department arms verification bureau spokesman Blake Narenda declined to discuss the matter, citing treaty secrecy rules. “The New START treaty forbids releasing to the public data and information obtained during implementation of the treaty,” Narenda said in a statement.

Nonsense. The language doesn’t prohibit the publication of complaints about non-compliance. These kinds of statements prove the US is covering for Russian cheating.

On Capitol Hill, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry said the potential New START verification problem highlights the larger issue of the Obama administration’s poor record in pressing Russia to abide by its treaty obligations.

“Whether it’s Russian violations of the Open Skies Treaty, the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions, or multiple violations of the INF treaty, this administration has proven singularly unconcerned with arms control compliance,” Thornberry told the Free Beacon.

And that’s because the globalists who control this administration don’t want Russia disarmed. And, it’s not just the Obama administration. All Republican administrations have covered for Russia as well. Of course, even if the US did demand Russian compliance, we have no agreement with China, Russia’s future partner in war, and their weapons systems are very lethal.

Schneider, former Pentagon director for strategic arms control policy, said Russia has avoided complying with its treaty commitments. “They have violated all of the major arms control treaties and will continue to do so because we impose no penalties,” he said.

And here’s more evidence of the coverup:

Last Saturday, Anita Friedt, principal deputy assistant secretary of state for arms control verification and compliance, gave a speech that gave no suggestion there are problems with New START verification.

“Buttressed by this robust verification architecture, New START treaty implementation is proceeding well and both the United States and Russia are expected to meet the treaty’s central limits when they take effect in February 2018,” she said.

That’s a bold faced lie and she knows it.

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