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[Updated December 2013] Joel Skousen: Year-End Big Picture Review of Threats — Russia/China invasion of U.S.A. TIMING discussed


(audio) Joel Skousen: Timing of the Russia/China invasion of U.S.A. — Full readiness in 6-8 years!

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World Affairs Brief, December 27, 2013 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Year-End Big Picture Review of Threats

China’s Long-Range Plan for War

Don’t Despair, Prepare

9/11 Coverup Continues

US Culture War Against Christianity


As we review 2013 we see several grim threats to our liberties and safety that are looming so large even those with a minimum of discernment are waking up and growing uneasy even as conspiring men feign reform or pretend to ignore the issues. At home the US government has every intention of continuing warrantless spying, the Obamacare rollout and unending debt increases despite growing public disapproval and claims of reform. Abroad, foreign intervention is increasing while the great threats of China and Russia are emerging as real and visible but which our government has no intention of countering. Worse, we can no longer depend on our elected representatives to stop any of this. It’s time to prepare in earnest for the inevitable demise of liberty even if it may not be imminent. When it does come in the next decade, it will be swift and relentless. There will be no turning back.

Both Democrats and the compromised Republican leadership have no intention of putting up any real resistance to the slow and agonizing loss of American Liberty. Their half-hearted opposition to spying, the PATRIOT ACT, and the new NDAA signed into law this week is an assent by silence to the slow erosion of liberty and constitutional protections that continues unabated.

For example, support for Obamacare has plummeted across every spectrum of the public, even among people eager for government handouts. Polls sponsored by pro-government media, like CNN, put support in the mid-30 percentile, which should be sending shock waves through the Democrats in Congress. Instead, it’s full speed ahead with implementation.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner has no intention of bringing up repeal legislation again. Neither does he intend to stop deficit spending nor hold the line on the debt limit. Instead he trotted out conservative Paul Ryan to convince Republicans that the latest budget compromise is “the best we can get.” Ryan is turning out to be one of Boehner’s “useful idiots,” to quote Lenin.

These are all crucial high-profile battles that the Republicans purposely sabotaged and lost. The political capital is spent and the waters of reform are poisoned forever so that even as public support for repeal grows, they have an excuse “not to go there” again. And, Boehner and his lackeys are preparing to sell us out on amnesty as well. That’s coming up early next year.

The courts will also continue their relentless permissiveness of government illegal acts under the guise of protecting us from terror and defending state secrets. I’m not optimistic about the temporary setback for NSA spying that one judge timidly opined was “likely” unconstitutional. The Supreme Court will reluctantly find in favor of “limited” government spying as they have in the past.

Part and parcel of this finding is the government’s continual downplaying of the degree to which it surveils worldwide communications. The spy agencies only admit to collecting “metadata” when we all know they are recording content as well—with which they analyze, sort and build future action lists targeting dissidents and political resistors worldwide. This is only peripherally involved with fighting terror which, like drugs, the government promotes as much as it counters.

Spying, indefinite detention without due process, secret prisons, torture, illegal black operations and the militarization of local police forces is all part of the world government police state they intend to force upon us as soon as the next war justifies such a massive disavowal of constitutional limits and the liberty that is inherent in national and state sovereignty.

As part of this, the push for continual “free trade” agreements with Asian and European nations will continue. While I don’t expect them to be able to fully implement the New World Order with its required taxation and police powers via these preparatory agreements, they certainly are a stepping stone towards getting people accustomed to increased international regulation and control (dubbed “cooperation”).

There is no denying that the pace of attacks against our liberty has picked up speed. This has led to a growing number of fellow commentators on the constitutional Right sounding the alarm about imminent collapse of the dollar and the economy as the catalyst for unmasking martial law and the implementation of tyranny.

I continue to caution people against this superficial analysis, often fomented by government misinformation sources inside the movement feeding disinformation to promoters like Lindsay Williams and others. Pastor Williams may well be sincere in his desire to save the country, but he continues to be deceived by his “insider sources” who have fed him bad tips for the past two years. He’s got a 100% failure rate and yet persists with the same claims, slightly more intense each time around. For a review of my analysis of why the PTB won’t crash the dollar or the economy see this link for the June 29, 2012 edition of the WAB in the archives.

I repeat for the benefit of my new subscribers that no one can be an insider feeding information to the liberty movement (they don’t want to get out) and not be discovered in this age of total surveillance. That includes the so-called “anonymous and confidential” government sources talking to mainstream “investigative” reporters. They are all known to government and every reporter’s phone is tapped constantly. When government takes reporters to court to force them to reveal their sources it is just a cover to keep the public believing in journalistic integrity.

We know what happens to real whistleblowers who reveal the illegal acts of government. They are exposed, maligned and persecuted incessantly. So any “leaker” who is allowed to keep leaking to those on our side every week or month is either not really an insider or is a disinformation expert being allowed to leak by government for manipulation purposes. Some, like the so-called “DHS insider” who talks to the Intel Hub regularly, are just patsies, in my opinion, that think they’ve been given insider access but who really are just being used to deliver disinformation to keep false conspiracies alive.

One of the main tactics of this disinformation about imminent threats is, I believe, to eventually discredit the prepper movement, 99% of which is motivated by these constant claims of imminent economic collapse. Most preppers have spouses or relatives that aren’t completely on board with their claims and consider them “paranoid” and “nuts.” Preppers who continue to regale them with the imminent collapse stories will find themselves embarrassed and increasingly unable to convince their friends and loved ones of even more serious preparations as the real threats get closer.

It isn’t that the economic collapse crowd is wrong about the dire state of our economy and the latest bubble the FED has created. It’s only that they don’t fully understand conspiracy and the larger agenda of the PTB who manipulate the economy. The conspirators have much more to gain by keeping things afloat with artificial stimulus than by letting it collapse. They control the regulatory powers as well and are able to cover up many Ponzi schemes, or at least keep them contained by denying that default ever occurs—as they did in the Greek bond haircuts forced upon investors.

With all of the fast moving events of the past year, you probably won’t be surprised that I am continually asked by subscribers if my estimate of timing has changed or moved up, especially in light of this year’s display of Chinese naval growth and aggressive behavior in the Far East. For the answer, we have to look at the potential for war, which is by far the most likely trigger for change in the world, even economic change.

A foreign attack allows our leaders to evade the blame for the dire situation and it gives them the excuse to take on dictatorial powers, restructure the money system and empower globalist solutions. In an economic collapse without war, they take the full blame, especially when all the FED watchers would know the day the PTB pulled the plug on the economy by cutting new monetary creation to zero. Ever since 2008, they have shown no inclination of pulling the plug on the economy or the dollar. It’s not a blameless rationale for martial law. They have also kept the real rate of inflation below 10%, and as long as they continue to do so, the hyperinflation threat bandied about so often won’t happen.

Here is my current feeling on the timing of war:

1. First, I have to continually remind my listeners that I’ve never given a timetable for when WWIII is going to start. I’ve concentrated on how much time I feel remains before Russia and China are ready to strike. They aren’t the same thing and don’t necessarily coincide. Even if I think they are ready, it still doesn’t mean they will strike. It could still take longer depending on the political climate at the time and whether or not an appropriate excuse has been engendered to justify war. As you all know, historically these excuses are almost always provoked by one side or the other.

2. I’ve said since the beginning of this decade that Russia and China are at least 8-10 years from having sufficient air, missile and naval forces to take on the West. We’re now 6-8 years away from that estimate where “we still have time to prepare.” I still feel confident that Russia and China won’t be ready until at least the beginning years of the next decade. In last week’s brief, I covered the fact that most of their major weapons systems aren’t scheduled to come on line until 2020-2024, so that’s still 8-10 years from now.

3. The following is very important: It is not true that Russia and China are totally unprepared until that magic time they reach optimal readiness. While it is improbable, there is nothing to say they won’t decide to strike earlier, at a lesser state of preparedness. No one is ever totally prepared for war—it’s a matter of high confidence in success, and also a matter of the right timing. As Russia and China get closer to full preparedness, the chance increases that they could grab a political opportunity to strike prior to their planned timetable if they thought they had a good enough opening—one that overcame the disadvantage of moving sooner rather than later. The US could also provoke a crisis that gave them an opportunity to strike that “they couldn’t resist.”

So, while I’m still fairly confident in my feeling that we still have several years to prepare, as we get closer to the next decade and they get closer to being ready, the chances of an early surprise attack increases as they approach full readiness. I don’t think the time will be much shorter but you need to be aware of the possibility. It’s one of the reasons why you don’t want to put off necessary preparations just because you might have more time than previously thought. Don’t try to cut it too close. With that said, let me outline some of the signs that war may be approaching sooner rather than later. I will be watching for these as well in the WAB.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that the mainstream media will increasingly concentrate on China as the problem, not Russia—even though they are both in a temporary alliance to take down the West. One will not go ahead without the other, but for some reason the word has gone out to planners to downplay the Russian threat.

I surmise that the reason Russia is being protected is that Russia provides the continual rationale for more disarmament. It is ironic (if not hypocritical) that the West will dramatize the Chinese threat more than the Russian threat but no overtures or expectations of disarmament will ever be made to China. The West has never even approached China with demands for a disarmament pact and doesn’t appear likely to do so in the future. –Not that China would ever entertain one.

The fact that the US keeps seeking disarmament pacts with the Russians in spite of continual missile manufacturing and cheating on all disarmament treaties is strong evidence that the US is trying to use disarmament to weaken our nuclear deterrence, NOT make the world safe from nuclear weapons. Evading any demands for the Chinese to disarm is even more evidence that the US overtures to Russia on disarmament have nothing to do with “making the world safe from nuclear weapons.”

So, when outlining the signs of war, keep in mind that there are two enemies and either one or both may be engaged in setting the stage for war. Both are already involved in significant and steady rearmament. That isn’t going to change, and they are starting early enough that the West won’t be able to detect a significant uptick in production later on as a sign of war.

Don’t look for Russia or China to necessarily engage in the normal massing of forces at some border as Hitler did. They will use a ballistic missile first strike with a preliminary EMP attack as a means of temporarily paralyzing US and NATO forces as the electrical grid gets taken down. This will be followed by nuclear strikes against ground targets. Once the US military is taken down they figure they can blackmail the rest of the West into submission and amass the necessary invasion/occupation forces while the West is struggling to reorganize after a nuclear strike.

Watch for these provocations that indicate war is getting nearer:

Russia: Russia will continue to contest any additional moves by former satellite states like Ukraine and Georgia moving to closer to EU integration. The latest move by Russia to bribe and threaten Ukraine from making a trade deal with the EU is, I believe, a permanent and hardened position. It won’t be reversed. Despite continued Ukrainian protests, the opposition is controlled and divided and will never be able to overthrow the pro-Moscow direction of the government. Democracy is only a sham in most of the post-Soviet states. Controlled parties on both the Left and Right keep marching inevitably toward more concessions toward Russian hegemony—especially in light of the grip Russia has on the flow of natural gas to Europe and Eastern Europe.

Remember too that the controlled opposition and continued protests also serve Russia’s purposes since she can use them when they turn violent to justify sending in Russian troops to “protect” the millions of ethnic Russians placed in each of these satellite states.

That said, I don’t expect Russia to start getting aggressive with the post-Soviet states until after the US signs another disarmament agreement with Russia. Expect feelers to be put out in 2014 for a typically one sided agreement to be signed before Obama leaves office. This is one of those things, like socialized medicine, that they do while Democrats are in the White House.

China: China has already started to increase provocations with the West in the disputed ADIZ air defense zone claimed by China in the East China Sea, as well as the Chinese naval harassment of US surveillance ships in the South China Sea in international waters. Expect those provocations to continue. China knows that by increasing the overall levels of East-West hostilities, it becomes increasingly difficult for the West to tell when China expects to go to war.

North Korea: Nothing is more telling about this tactic of “obscuration through hundreds of feints” than North Korea’s regular provocations and small military attacks on South Korea over the years. North Korea is China’s puppet state and is the one most likely to provide China and Russia with the trigger event they need for WWIII. As I have explained before, a sudden invasion/artillery attack by NK on South Korea almost guarantees a tactical nuclear response by the US since the North has such overwhelming forces just across the border from Seoul, the SK capitol. If the US uses tactical nukes to contain the onslaught, China could easily use this “first use” to launch it’s planned first strike on US military targets.

Threats against the South happen almost every month and vary in intensity. Just this week, as the UK Daily Mail reported, North Korea warned the West that “war could break out without notice” as Kim Jong-Un tells troops to get combat ready.

The warning came a day after reports that satellite images appeared to show North Korea has started producing fuel rods for its nuclear reactor. The U.S. and South Korea had been wary of possible threats from the North, where tensions have been high since the execution of Kim’s uncle and mentor. The latest saber rattling came as Kim visited his troops on Christmas Eve, according to Al Jazeera.

‘He instructed the unit to put utmost spurs on rounding off its combat readiness … always bearing in mind that a war breaks out without any prior notice,’ reports from state media said. Tens of thousands of troops pledged their loyalty to Kim last week at a parade to mark the anniversary of the death of his father, and former leader.

Satellite images seen by the Johns Hopkins University appeared to show facilities at the North’s scientific research center could be used to make fuel rods for the plutonium reactor. ‘The identification of these facilities indicates a more wide-ranging, extensive effort by North Korea to modernize and restart the Yongbyon complex dating back to 2009 than previously understood,’ the report said. North Korea’s reactor was put back into service earlier this year, after a six-year break.

North Korea’s nasty habit of threatening war and putting troops on alert is a regular occurrence, and so is NK’s breaking of agreements to limit its nuclear weapons productions. Taken in isolation, none of these minor provocations mean war is imminent. But what it does do—very effectively—is make it very hard to tell when they are serious about an attack.

One of the great dangers of NK saber rattling and keeping their enlisted and junior officers hyped up for war is that sometimes the trigger actually gets pulled, as it did when the NK artillery forces shelled Yeonpyeong Island in 2010, killing four South Koreans. They were lucky the US and SK are in such a permissive mood or there might have been a war.


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  1. pnkgrasshopper

    This is a significant amount of claims you’re making here (let alone their weight). Could you clarify what are the sources you’re using to support these? Are you basing your statements on verifiable facts or are these merely you opinions? Thanks

    • That’s the point about Joel Skousen. He is a very careful, fact checker guy, and he can support everything he’s saying with facts, many of which are on my blog. I have “related link” in this post. You could also check the articles in my categories listed just under the title of this article.

      Joel has been researching this for decades.

      Perhaps you’d like to subscribe to his weekly Brief.

      Also, I really like listening to his mostly weekly discussions on Thursdays with Dr. Stanley Monteith, who is also a very careful researcher. They’re usually posted about two days after broadcast here, commercial free:

      Where Alex Jones is an emotional, incredibly gifted speaker, but sometimes an exaggerator, Joel is calm, cool and studious.

      Joel is not emotionally driven, and often debunks those who give conspiracy theorists a bad name.

      He’s an amazing man!


    • Kathleen

      You still think this in 2022???

  2. Jeff Fenske

    Joel was estimating system *readiness* by 2020-2024, which has been postponed. I just now bolded and/or underlined Joel’s key points above that he wrote about timing in 2013. He was estimating when Russia and China would be *ready* to attack the US, based on when their major weapon systems would come online, which he said was 2020-2024. That’s been pushed back. Russia is still in the process of producing their newest state-of-the-art missiles which won’t be fully ready till the latter half of this decade, Joel estimates; though, Russia is already far ahead of us offensively and defensively.

    China is further behind, but is in full production mode, having unlimited funds. Trump even admitted yesterday in a speech in Anchorage: “China used the trillions and trillions of dollars it’s taken from the United States to build a military to rival our own.” Trump had deep state advisors who probably minimized the Russia/China nuke/EMP threat, but he still knows China is rapidly developing.

    Much of this depends on timing with North Korea too, according to Joel’s theory. We’re obligated to defend South Korea, so if North Korea strikes Seoul even with their many thousands of conventional artillery weapons, they can destroy Seoul. The only way we can stop this, according to Joel is with mini-nukes — which Russia and China can use as their excuse to EMP and nuke America.

    Joel has been saying lately that he expects Russia and China to be fully ready by the end of this decade. But if the North Korea trigger event happens earlier, it could happen earlier.

    Joel is careful to say above he’s talking about when they’ll be ready, plus having an appropriate trigger event.

    I’ve been covering this in the articles in my “Bomb Bomb America?” category if you’d like to read or listen to what he’s said lately.

    Thanks for asking.


  3. Thomas C. Moore

    I think we should stop playing games with cheaters and our hard earned American lives and turn the tide around the commy take over with gearing up our own defenses with the goal of anti missile technology

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