Hollywood's Occult War on Gender Intensifies — In 2016, more movies than ever featured the sex role reversal

From: Henry Makow

Hollywood’s Occult War on Gender Intensifies

Gender differences which are natural and universal are portrayed as oppressive. … The passive, nurturing feminine role is denied. Thus females invariably usurp the male role and feminize their male partners.

In 2016,  more movies than ever featured the sex role reversal.


As time has passed, Disney has gotten much more progressive with their portrayals of women. Long gone are the Cinderellas and Auroras, who lack any agency and must depend on men to get them out of trouble. [Now Disney women] are, however subconsciously, instilling in young girls the idea that you can be empowered and fight your own battles and create your own happy ending without the help of a man.”

At the same time, the cabalist Jews who run Hollywood are busy undermining the image of the strong effective male.  The patriarchal male is replaced by a stunted adolescent. Even the actors look like boys, not men. …

When men are the heroes, there is usually a “progressive” i.e. Satanist intent.

Another trend is to simply remove and replace male characters with females.

Another aspect of role-reversal is the pairing of older women with younger men in numerous romantic films. 

As Henry Makow says, “Every left-wing message or movement is dedicated to inducting society into the Cabalist Jewish Satanic cult. Due to their complete control of the media, we can’t recognize what is happening to us. Any awakening to our real situation is suppressed by accusations of bigotry which must be ignored.  We have moved from a Christian social concept to a satanic Jewish one which turns morality and reality on its head. i.e. “revolution. “

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3 thoughts on “Hollywood's Occult War on Gender Intensifies — In 2016, more movies than ever featured the sex role reversal

  1. It is not funny when people try to act against natural orders:
    1. How often do you have hens fights instead of roosters fights ?
    2. How often do you have lesser size male elephants, lions ?
    The lefties should not drag all of us into their desperate fight against the order of nature.

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