Skousen: Year End “Big Picture” Analysis: 2016 – Foreign Threats — "I’m often asked when I think this war is going to start…"

Joel has been closely studying the Russia/China threat since the ’80s. They’re getting ready to take US out, but won’t be fully ready until the middle of the next decade.
We need to get the power grid hardened now!
I bold key statements.
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World Affairs Brief, December 30, 2016 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
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This Week’s Analysis:
Year End “Big Picture” Analysis: 2016
Domestic Trends that will get Worse
Update on Foreign Threats
Europe: While US globalists experienced a major backlash in the US by those tired of establishment policies, the globalists in Europe also have a major rebellion on their hands over EU open borders to refugees and the slow increase of EU mandates in social and economic affairs of member countries. The irritation of EU tinkering in member state policies and law has been growing slowly but the motivation to actually break from the growing tyranny was brought to a head by the sudden influx of millions of refugees from Africa and the Middle East.
Nothing was more shocking and threatening to Europeans than to see whole towns overwhelmed by refugees and globalist leaders ousting citizens from government subsidized apartments to make way for refugees. When the young males, which predominated among the displaced, began to prey upon women in Germany and France, the rebellion took hold and nationalist party ranks began to swell.
EU open borders policies allowed thousands of refugees to work their way north to Britain, which turned out to be the catalyst that pushed the Brexit vote over the top. This, combined with the Trump victory in the US, suddenly allowed anti-EU forces in various countries to believe that they too could beat the all-powerful EU at their own democracy game—at least at first.
The EU was successful in beating back an anti-EU challenge from the Freedom Party in Austria. They will attempt to defeat these same nationalist forces in the upcoming elections in Belgium and France. The Germans are just starting to wake up and finally have a growing anti-EU party called “Alternative for Germany,” which has doubled in size in just two years.
In the UK, globalist leaders have been able to delay and sabotage the British exit from the EU, which is still in progress. It started with handing over the reins of British government to Teresa May, (who voted against Brexit) who promptly got a bill passed in Parliament integrating EU law into British law, supposedly so that British politicians and the courts could have full authority to change those laws without going through the EU parliament. Only the most naive Brits failed to see this was a trap. It’s much harder to remove bad law once installed than stop it from becoming law.
Middle East: The other major setback for globalism was the entrance of Russia into the Syria conflict. The globalist agenda in the Middle East is very complex as I have explained recently in the WAB of December 16. Subscribers can access the archives at by logging in and clicking on “Latest Brief.” For new subscribers let me summarize the key issues:
It started with the need to create a war on terror that could justify limiting citizen’s rights to privacy and due process in Western countries, and Muslims were the perfect targets for provocation, having a religion and culture that tended toward a natural hostility to the West, and to both Judaism and Christianity.
Not only was the 9/11 terror attack a false flag attack used to justify the war on terror, but it was then used as a pretense to attack Iraq and Afghanistan which had nothing to do with the attack. What the incursions into those countries did accomplish, however, was generate a lot of hatred among Muslims against America, which then fed the subsequent engineered terrorist organizations like al Qaeda and ISIS—both creations of US, British and Israeli intelligence.
The subsequent Western (Arab Spring) destabilization efforts in Egypt, Libya and Syria were done not only to create more hatred against the West, feeding the ranks of terror, but to make available huge arsenals of weapons from Libya to supply the terrorist forces the West would send into Syria. That’s what the secret Benghazi annex fight was all about—competing forces trying to capture the weapons stockpiles the US was secretly exporting to Syria.
But the long term globalist agenda had nothing to do with enforcing democracy in these tribal areas or making peace. It was mostly about creating waves of refugees which would be corralled into pitiful refugee camps until they were so frustrated and full of anger that they would make a massive push into Europe—forever changing the Western culture and political landscape of the EU. Africa, being a cauldron of ethnic conflict and constant warfare has also provided a steady stream of refugees and terrorists.
Out of the constant security threat refugees and terrorists have provided, France and Germany have been able to justify establishing their own surveillance state with enhance police powers of warrantless searches and indefinite detention. That’s conflict creation at its best.
There’s one additional globalist agenda, and that’s the take-down of Iran. Why Iran? Because it is the only Muslim country trying to become self-sufficient in the full range of weaponry needed to defend itself. All other Muslim countries are beholden to either East or West.
As I have explained before in prior briefings, the globalist attack on Syria is linked to the ultimate take-down of Iran. Israel was tasked by globalist leaders to start the war with Iran, but she insisted first that Syria be taken down first since Syrian rockets and chemical weapons were the main retaliatory threat to Israel.
But US plans for a no-fly zone and attack on Syria were thwarted by Syria’s acceptance of Secretary of State Kerry’s inadvertent offer to “not attack” if Syria gave up its chemical weapons. US, British, and Israeli intelligence then took about half the rebels fighting in Syria and changed their name to ISIS and set them off on a rampage in Iraq, brandishing threats to the whole world. It would provide the West’s an excuse to get back into an attack mode in Syria, using ISIS.
All was going according to plan until Russia intervened and starting turning the tide against the US-backed rebels, and Russia remains an impediment to this global agenda in the Middle East to this day. That’s why the US intelligence has suddenly been doing everything, including inventing Fake News of Russian hacking into the DNC emails, in order to turn public opinion against Russia’s intervention in Syria. Obama has even gone so far as to expel Russian diplomat/spies in retaliation. If this happened during the middle of Obama’s term, the Russians would have retaliated with a like number of diplomat/CIA expulsions, but I don’t think Putin will retaliate. He’ll simply wait for better relations with Trump.
Although Russia is doing us a favor in Syria by blocking the globalist conflict creation agenda, Russia has an evil long term agenda, and the combat training their air crews and special forces are getting in Syria is an essential part of that agenda—to eventually take down the West militarily. RT has even revealed that the Russians have tested over 150 new weapons in Syria. They have a secret pact with China to attack the West (when they are both ready) , and eventually intend to establish their own version of global government under the heavy hand of Communism which still rules both nations under the table.
Russia and China: There are a host of internet commentators on the Right and Left that are hyping the notion that Obama is going to start WWIII by provoking the Russians in Syria, or by NATO holding exercises on the Russian border. None of that is true. Russian won’t be goaded into war before she is ready, and she and China have a lot of military rearmament to catch up on before they are ready to take on the West.
What the premature WWIII hypsters don’t understand is that the globalists want this war, but they can’t start it, or be seen directly provoking it. They have to appear as the victims of Russian and Chinese aggression and that’s why they have to wait until the other guy starts something. In fact, that “something” is a nuclear pre-emptive strike on US and NATO strategic forces. The US knows it is coming and intends to absorb that first strike in order to have the pretext to convince Americans to join in a militarized global government in order to prosecute the next war. The secret Presidential Decisions Directive (PDD-60) confirms this by telling our nuclear forces “not to rely on Launch on Warning,” but to “prepare to absorb a nuclear first strike and retaliate afterward.”
The globalist spies within Russia and China also know that neither country intends to strike civilian cities in the West first, but only military targets, trusting that this will force the West into submission without destroying the economies which China and Russia depend upon for technology and trade.
The US has been unilaterally disarming for decades, even knowing that the Russians are cheating on their end and still building weapons, because they want to feign weakness as a means of inviting an attack. I cringe whenever I hear disarmament experts pontificating in the mainstream media about how the Russians have a certain number of warheads and missiles, proving they are “nearly” in compliance with treaties. That’s pure baloney. The US has never been able to inspect Russia’s secret underground nuclear and missile factories and has no idea how many missiles or warheads are there.
Neither do we have any idea how many the Chinese have in their 3,000 miles of underground tunnel systems. I heard one “expert” say this week that China has about 200 warheads. He would only say those were intelligence “estimates.” Those are laughable given China’s massive militarization effort that has been going on for decades.
But the globalists aren’t stupid enough to absorb a nuclear first strike if that leaves them with nothing to win the war with in the long run. I’m convinced they have secret weapons and defense systems hidden away in area 51 and other secret facilities that are designed to survive this first strike and which can prevent any further attacks until the West regroups around its new global government.
I’m often asked when I think this war is going to start. No one can say for sure, because we are dealing with three separate secretive world powers who are never transparent. But military experts reading satellite data can see when there are increases in military equipment and deployed troops. However, contrary to the experience of WWII, this won’t start with troops massing on a national border.
I believe that neither Russian nor Chinese conventional forces will do any noticeable massing outside of their normal military bases. They will rely on the nuclear missiles to do the initial strike and the lack of movement in conventional forces won’t give it away. Such an attack will be temporarily paralyzing to the West and give the Chinese and Russians ample time to then move conventional forces into the invasion mode afterward.
Next, the Russians intend to do a blitzkrieg-style invasion of the Baltic States and Eastern Europe with heavy armor and infantry troops. The Chinese intend to do a massive series of airborne and naval invasions of the entire archipelago of islands to its west, starting with Japan and perhaps simultaneously occupying Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and finally Australia.
Australia is a key supplier of raw materials and minerals to China—China has already bought up almost all the natural resources in Australia so they must occupy that continent to secure these operating concessions during war. They may also occupy New Zealand because of its close proximity. What would an occupation under the Chinese be like?
The Orientals have a historic reputation of being ruthless as occupiers, and I don’t expect it will be pleasant living under that occupation unless residents there make significant underground (concealed) preparations in advance and are prepared to build a successful resistance movement. This is one of the reasons I discourage Americans from retreating to those two countries. Both have significant rural areas to hide out in, but that’s a hard life when surrounded by snoops and spies looking for foreign nationals to lock up.
The best recent update on Chinese military forces was done by Bill Gertz for the Asian Times. This should leave no doubt about Chinese offensive preparations.
In this planned first strike, the West will have a maximum of 20 minutes advance notice by Satellite sensors. That said, I’m sure the globalists have spies in both countries that will let them know in advance so they can be in their underground bunkers when the missiles fly. But they won’t warn the American people any more than they encourage people to build fallout shelters to ward off the effects of future radiation. They want Americans vulnerable so they are the more easily coerced into giving up national sovereignty in favor of global government.
While I can’t tell you when, I feel strongly that the Russia/Chinese axis won’t strike until they are finished with their current modernization plans, which won’t start coming online in quantity until 2020 and won’t be finished until 2024 or 25.
The first of their newest ballistic missile, the Satan-2 with 15 warheads, won’t be coming off the line until 2018 or 19, and they won’t have the numbers to deploy until after 2020. US Minuteman III missiles are woefully obsolete, and now only have a single warhead mounted instead of three—that’s a three-fold reduction while Russia and China are building new missiles and warheads every month.
But remember that the Russians can’t just win a war with nuclear missiles—which, by the way, DON’T destroy the world many times over. The Russians and Chinese won’t strike until their squadrons of fighters and bombers are multiplied two or three times, and they both need a full blue water navy of Cruisers, destroyers and submarines plus a few aircraft carriers to control the world they conquer. China is building ships faster than Russia and with Russian economic weakness, I don’t think they’ll be able to catch up with China. In any case, a big blue water navy takes years to complete, so my timetable really hasn’t changed, nor can it change because of Western actions. Everyone just has to wait until the enemy is ready to strike and I don’t believe that will be before 2020, and more likely in the middle of the next decade.
I also still believe that North Korea will provide the trigger event; it won’t be in the Middle East. North Korea now has missiles that can reach the entire US and the nuclear warheads to make them lethal. This means that NK can strike the US directly with an over-the-north-pole shot, although I don’t think that’s how it will begin. North Korea, like any aggressor, will seek to have a provocation, and I think that will come when NK attacks South Korea and the US responds in defense of South Korea. If the US uses any of its tactical nukes on North Korea, it could give the North Koreans the excuse to launch missiles at the US. China and Russia, as allies of NK, could then easily excuse their entrance into the war.
So, if you see a full scale invasion of NK into the South, you should expect a nuclear world war within a week or so. Hopefully you will have prepared to NOT be employed by the military when that time comes, or you will be sacrificed by our own government’s failure to Launch on Warning as this attack is ongoing. In addition you should have solidified your plans to relocate out of the major cities. Even if not struck directly, the preliminary EMP strike by China or Russia will take down the grid nationwide and put cities into a panic mode within a day or two as water, electricity and supplies cease to exist. …
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