(vid) Trump admits on Fox he “left troops in Syria to take the oil!” — Breaking commandment after commandment

Trump admits he “left troops in Syria to take the oil,” and then says “we have the oil.” If this isn’t reverse-Christianity, what is?

We were unsuccessful in regime changing Syria, the last country that needed to be destabilized before taking out Iran for the Greater Israel Project, so then Trump figures we’ll just take the oil, which the Bible calls stealing.

Someone recently said Trump has broken all of the 10 commandments now, with his recent assassinations in Iraq (though he’s murdered others before in his military campaigns). Here he’s breaking “Thou shalt not steal,” and tells us about it on the war channel, Fox News.

Watch Laura Ingraham CORRECT Trump on This COLLOSAL Slip Up!

Jan 10, 2020

I really can’t believe Fox didn’t edit this out.

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