(vid) 9/11 Firefighter Rudy Dent w/ Adam Green – Saw MOLTEN STEEL like lava flowing! (2016)

31:18 Rudy saw the molten steel at ground zero:

Adam: “I heard that when you were a first responder, you witnessed the flowing, molten steel?”

Rudy: “Yeah, lava-like, just pockets of flowing, molten steel, yes.”

49:15 “Who’s benefiting? … I would think anyone who wants to get a grasp of reality, start with the Rothschild family.”

105:35 Rudy is age-70.

1:09:00 The Matrix movie; Adam found about 9/11 in 2008

119:00 More reasons why jet fuel could not have caused Towers 1 and 2 and Building 7 to collapse.

1:35:00 Rudy signed up to fight in Vietnam to spread democracy and stop communism, was gung ho and decorated for his achievements. Then this happened. Then this lady holding her child stepped out of the building…, after which he couldn’t kill people anymore. So he volunteered to help the people in other ways.

142:00 Rudy experienced war in Vietnam firsthand: “We send our sons and daughters off on these illegal invasions of sovereign nations based on lies to kill people we have more in common with than the people who are sending us. Our sons and daughters go over there expecting to be greeted and welcomed as liberators, and instead find themselves confronted as hated occupiers. And then they come home in coffins, or missing limbs with TBI, traumatic brain injury…. Or they come back with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, which is because they’re put in situations where they’re told to open fire on families. And then they find that they killed women and children, and they’ve done things that are foreign to our core values. And then they come home to commit suicide at a current rate of 22 per day — not to mention not finding jobs and being homeless…. That’s what we do with our young.”

147:10 Married over 40 years

148:40 “‘When an old man dies, it’s like a whole library burned to the ground.’ … All of that knowledge is gone.”

Retired FDNY Rudy Dent on 9/11 Truth

Sep 30, 2016

Rudy dent is a former Vietnam veteran, police officer, 32 year veteran of the FDNY, and a 9/11 Truth Activist. Dent was a 9/11 first responder and witnessed the collapse of Building 7 and molten “lava-like” steel. Dent has a strong passion for the truth and is a man full of knowledge, wisdom, and integrity.

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