Masks Exposed and the Health Risks Involved with Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan

Two hero ladies!

25:00 “The second you wear a mask and you touch your face you are cross-contaminating.”

45:00 “Did you know there was a study done back in 2018 that said the number one reason that flu spread in medical facilities wasn’t a failure of the mask. It was cross contamination through touching. And these are people that are trained to do it every day. … That is the number one reason for the spread, touching is touching.”

53:30 “If you are pregnant, absolutely, get out of the mask!”

“It’s the small minority that can change the majority.”



Jul 8, 2020 here

Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan talk masks and health risks. Exposing government agencies and holding them accountable. Join and support the movement

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