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BitChute EXCLUSIVE: Simon Parke’s Alien Mom – Dude’s a Psychological Operator! You Buying the LIE?


He says his mom is a 9 foot tall green alien. He claims to have sex with an alien four times a year. He wants you to believe he has an alien child named Zarka. He also wants you to buy into the delusion that he’s in direct contact with Q. He lied to you and said that Trump signed the Insurrection Act (even though it’s a long standing “law” that doesn’t require a signature…but rather to be “INVOKED.”) His BS led people to believe that Mainstream media would be taken off the air 3 days ago. It didn’t happen, of course. He keeps Spewing his nonsense and people keep believing him (and all Q-anonsense garbage) and holding out hope and “trusting the plan.” And while people are wrapped up in these delusions, they continue to accept more authoritarian controls and a deterioration of their liberties under Trump. In short, this is a PSY-OP and Simon is acting as a Psychological Operator.


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  1. Gay

    Jeff, it is sad but I have noticed that he is also losing his audience because the Mighty Network is not growing. They claim they have 100,000 members worldwide and 69,000 in the USA (makes us the gullible ones) but there is 7 1/2 BILLION in the world so extremely small percentage. I joined because my husband was listening and I wanted to find out what it was all about. Seems to fill a real void for people. I think it is his velvety voice so calming people get lulled into it like he can say shit in the pot and everyone thinks that is terrific. Anyway I have always been Leary and after seeing your presentation now I am convinced. It is all about control, attention and money. So sad wish these people would actually do real humanity work not just digital jib jab. The only way we are going to really get humanity on the right track is to get involved physically. Too much digital talk. Sorry I know that is how so many of you make money and communicate but really put down the tech stuff and go out and talk to people.

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