TruNews: Morality Meltdown – U.S. Culture Now a Demonic Dumpster Fire



20:45 Jay Sekulow compromised

31 Max Lucado compromised

31:50 Ravi Zacharias compromised

New sexual misconduct claims surface about Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias: Spa Scandal

“The whole evangelical, religious right broadcasting complex  is a complete farce. There’s no salt. There’s no fire. There’s no Spirit, and the country is imploding.”

36:50 “The proof of whether you are a Christian is whether you obey Him.”

“Hell is eternal. There are no exit doors in hell.”

39:30 Alyssa Farah, daughter of Joseph Farah (WorldNetDaily, condemned Nick Fuentes in a 3/1/21 tweet to homosexual politician and activist Richard Grenell for saying we have to stand for Christian values, calling standing up for God a “scam.”

1:02:30 ‘Christian’ child placement agency to now place straight parents’ children in homosexual couple homes where their children can be gender changed with scalpel.

1:19:50 Rick Wiles: “America’s values used to be Christian values. Today, America’s values are Jewish values. Homosexual rights is a Jewish value. Abortion is a Jewish value. Abortion on demand is straight out of the Talmud. Our laws, our court decisions are Talmudic. They’re no longer based on the Christian Bible. They’re based on the Talmud.

The Times of Israel 22 May 2013

US Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday night praised the Jewish contribution to American society, saying influential Jews helped change attitudes toward gay rights and same-sex marriage.

1:23:15 Rick Wiles: “America has been Judaized. And because we’ve been Judaized we’ve been separated from God — because the Jews are at war with Jesus Christ. They’ve been at war with Christ for thousands of years. … America’s evangelical church world is completely sold out to Judaism. And the evangelicals are worthless right now. … ~They’re unable and unwilling to preach the holy gospel anymore. They want to be part of the world.”

28 Rick Wiles says he may quit doing TruNews sometime this year. I would like to see him recharge instead spending time reconciling with anyone he may have hurt over the years, like what he did to Rodney Howard-Browne when Rodney defended the 1st Amendment during Covid, winning freedom for churches in Florida, where Rick lives. The hit piece is still up on TruNews right now falsely showing Rodney behind prison bars.


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