Skousen’s timing for WWIII is still the latter half of this decade, when China is ready to help Russia.

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Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, May 27, 2022 (

Biden says the US will Intervene in Taiwan

Biden went off script in Tokyo when asked by a reporter if the US would intervene militarily if China attack Taiwan. Bloomberg reported,

Asked during a press briefing on Monday in Tokyo whether the US would be willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan after not doing so in Ukraine, Biden said “yes — it’s a commitment we made.”

The White House immediately walked back the comments, without directly contradicting Biden, by reaffirming the US policy of “Strategic Ambiguity” —which means we will never openly declare that we will defend Taiwan (because we won’t). Everyone in China got the message and breathed a sigh of relief—but no one was celebrating in Taiwan over this “clarification.”

Biden also said that he is ready to defend South Korea with nuclear weapons if necessary, and the White House did NOT walk back those commitments. wrote,

U.S. President Joe Biden and his South Korean counterpart Yoon Suk-yeol agreed Saturday to hold more military exercises and deploy more US weapons if needed to deter North Korea… In a joint statement, Biden reiterated U.S. readiness to defend South Korea with nuclear weapons if necessary.

Why the difference in treatment of Taiwan and South Korea? Because the globalists know China intends to take back Taiwan by force, and that it is too early to trigger WWIII, they will not intervene with Taiwan. But a war in Korea is to be the trigger event (China will be ready by then to perform, together with Russia, a pre-emptive nuclear strike on US military forces) which will start WWIII. Why, because the US will have to use tactical nukes to stop Kim’s huge military, and Kim will respond in kind with his nukes. China then intervenes on behalf of NK by attacking the US.