From Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, 6/24/22


Over the recent past, I’ve covered a lot of information about the dangers of the Covid mRNA gene therapy “vaccines.” Sometimes the volume of information becomes overwhelming and overly technical. So, this week, I was excited to view a recent interview with Dr. Ryan Cole, a renowned pathologist from Idaho.

I myself don’t like most video interviews which take forever to get to the point. But this video is different. It’s only 20 minutes and is succinct, definitive and presented in Dr. Cole’s fine rational demeanor. I know all of you have friends or loved ones that succumbed to the propaganda and took the jab, and perhaps even boosters. If there’s one video I can recommend you give to people to watch it is this one. Most honest people would think twice about taking another mRNA vaccine after seeing it, and will never take another booster shot.

[INTERVIEW] A Lipid Nanoparticle + A Gene Is a Nuclear Bomb -Dr Ryan Cole, MD

As a pathologist analyzing diseased body tissues, Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, (Twitter @drcole12) has seen an alarming and wide-ranging increase in injuries from Covid-19 injections…what he calls a “nuclear bomb.” Miscarriages, heart conditions, cancers and compromised immune function are just some of the harms that Dr. Cole ( is fighting to make the public aware of.

Here are a few highlights:

“The spike protein is a toxin. It doesn’t matter whether it’s J&J, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, they all make your body make spike protein. That spike protein binds to a tumor-suppressor gene family, p53. It also binds to the breast cancer gene BRCA, and the ovarian cancer gene, BRCA. We know that that spike protein can induce cancer pathways. Period. It’s happening.

“Cancers are on the increase across the board. Lymphomas, Leukemias, blood cancers – because that spike [protein] goes to the bone marrow. The lipid nanoparticle [which the Canadian manufacturer explicitly says is not for human use] carries the mRNA to your dividing stem cells because it doesn’t stay in the arm. It can go into any cell in your body, and it turns that cell into a spike factory. It inhibits the ability of your DNA to repair itself. It binds to our mitochondria; it destroys the energy of our brain cells, destroys the energy of our liver cells, destroys the energy of any cell which it gets into.

“Your own immune system attacks those cells. So, a lot of people have arthritic pain, muscle pain. It’s because those cells are being attacked by your own immune system because they’re expressing this foreign spike protein. That spike protein causes mechanisms of cancer in many people, and I’ve been seeing that in the lab, and I’ve been having it confirmed by oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists – all around the world as I travel. It is happening. It’s on the uptick.

“Our military database showed it until our Department of Defense illegally froze that database and hid the data. This is a crime against humanity, where they’re using a dangerous product on humanity that is harming the human cells, that is harming the human body, that is harming our hormones, that is harming our reproductive organs, that is harming any organ where that protein lands. Period.”

“From the DoD database, and entered into evidence under a sworn affidavit: Total number of neoplasms (tumors) for all cancers by year: The five years prior to the vaccine roll-out ranged from 36,050 to 41,557 in the US military population. in 2021, the year of the vaccine roll-out, it jumped up to 114,645, about 3 times higher, and that’s not for the whole year. If cancers are increasing that much in young, healthy, fit, military servicemen and women, imagine how much they’re increasing in older people who are more susceptible to cancer anyway in a normal year.

Even back in August 2021, Dr. Cole said.

“Now most concerning of all, is there’s a pattern of these types of immune cells in the body that keep cancer in check. Well, since January 1 [2021], in the laboratory, I’ve seen a 20 times increase in endometrial cancers [those start in the uterus] over what I see on an annual basis. I’m seeing invasive melanomas in younger patients. Normally, we catch those early, and they’re thin melanomas. I’m seeing thick melanomas skyrocketing in the last month or two. I’m already seeing the early signals. And we are modifying the immune system into a weakened state. There’s a great study out of Germany that looked at these profiles in healthy individuals after the Pfizer shots, showing this.”

Armed with this information, you can see how it is a criminal endeavor to push these vaccines on people, and especially to say they are “safe and effective.” How much worse is it to foist them on babies, but that’s what they are doing.

This week, Biden praised his government’s efforts to ensure children under five can now get vaccinations for COVID-19.

“This is a very historic milestone, a monumental step forward,” Biden said during his speech. “The United States is now the first country in the world to offer safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as six months old. “In the first time in our fight against this pandemic, nearly every American can now have access to lifesaving vaccines. And we’re ready.”

And so are all of the state governors in the US (except DeSantis)—the only one to NOT order Covid vaccines for babies, as Big League Politics noted:

New reports have shown that the wildly ineffective Covid-19 mRNA inoculation has been pre-ordered by every single governor [except DeSantis] with the intention of injecting the experimental medicine into newborn children.

The news comes as the disgraced director of the NIAID Anthony Fauci admitted that there are zero scientific studies showing a reduction in hospitalization or death for children who take the Covid-19 inoculation boosters.

Per The Liberty Daily, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been savagely attacked by the corporate media for his refusal to order the potentially deadly jabs for children aged 6 months to 5 years old.

Only DeSantis had the courage to defy the propaganda and he turned out to be right. As the Daily Mail reported,

Experts question CDC’s approval of COVID vaccines for under-5s because the Pfizer study used just THREE children to prove it works and Moderna admits it is only 37% effective: ‘We should just assume we don’t have efficacy data’

Yet, in spite of this, the FDA last Friday authorized Moderna and Pfizer’s shot for children aged six months to five years old. On Saturday, a CDC panel voted unanimously to recommend vaccines for children as young as six months. That vote was later signed off by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky meaning a national rollout could begin next week.

The Data on Vaccine Damage to Adults Continues to Rise

Steve Kirsch asks, “If vaccines are safe, how will they explain these Google results?” Kirsch compiled Google search statistics to show a huge increase in searches for sudden deaths and vaccine side-effects in the US since the rollout of the Covid gene therapy.

A new Google search analysis was done by AMD. It shows that since Google started tracking search data for all vaccines in history, nobody had any interest in vaccine side effects for any of the 70+ approved vaccines.

But suddenly, in December 2020 when the COVID vaccines roll out, everyone is now interested in vaccine side effects and it is happening simultaneously in every state of the union, and it peaks in April 2020 which is when I first learned about vaccine side effects from my friends.

You can see the graphical presentations of these searches in the above link.

“Vaccine side effects” started becoming popular in all states simultaneously in December, 2020. I wonder what could have caused that?

Myocarditis: If myocarditis from the vaccine is less than that from COVID, how come we couldn’t find a single cardiologist who was getting fewer cases?

And why did the searches for myocarditis start to rise in March 2021 when vaccines became available for 18-year-olds and really went ballistic right before the May 1 deadline set by Biden for availability for 18-year-olds and older in all states.

He also tracked a sudden rise in all of the following searches, directly timed after the introduction of the Covid vaccine: “Died Suddenly,” “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” “Menstrual Issues,” “Severe Headache after vaccine,” “Miscarriage after vaccine,” “Bell’s Palsy,” “Guillain–Barré syndrome,” “Thrombosis,” and “Blood clots,”

In addition, Children’s Health Defense did an exclusive interview with several commercial airline pilots, who are experiencing long term side effects from the vaccines they were required to take to keep their job. I don’t have the space to cover their sad stories, but they all complain of two things:

1) The hostile environment they now work in relative to the way in which the airlines refuse to recognize vaccine injury (they are afraid of multi-million dollar lawsuits) or help them.

2) That there are many vaccine injured pilots that are still flying and not revealing their side effects because of this hostile environment—which is a safety time bomb waiting to go off.