A. Loneliness is the root cause of mass formation.

B. Lack of meaning

C. Free-floating anxiety: people don’t know why they’re anxious

1.  Compelling narrative — gives them something to get behind

2. False perception of issue resolution
The solidarity with the collective is much stronger than with individuals — cold toward people. Paranoia, willingness to report anyone who doesn’t comply.
Hypnotized can’t focus on reality anymore.
Now, people are even more lonely and isolated.
Prepared for the next mass formation crisis.
They have a collective, heroic battle, and don’t want to wake up.
Continual data that confirmed their narrative’s validity, and censorship of data that exposed it kept them mind-controlled.
Only about 20-30% are deeply involved. 60-70% go along.
They believe it’s their ethical duty to destroy anyone who doesn’t participate in this new solidarity.

Ep150 Stunning: My Most Important Interview Yet – HOW Covid Happened

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