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Published on Feb 23, 2016

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“FREE FALLIN’ starring BUILDING 7” is a riff on the classic Tom Petty song Free Fallin’. Twenty-seven years after the release of this beautiful song, it provides a perfect platform to bring attention to the troubling destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, which came down in free fall late in the afternoon on September 11, 2001. According to the official account of 9/11, Building 7 collapsed due to normal office fires ignited by falling debris from WTC 1 (structural damage and diesel fuel fires did not contribute to the collapse, according to the government). However, scientific and circumstantial evidence strongly contradicts that explanation.

The fact that Building 7 instantaneously entered free fall – the acceleration of gravity – for a period of 2.25 seconds over a distance of eight stories is very strong evidence of controlled demolition. Free fall can only be achieved when there is no resistance provided by the structure below. A free-fall drop of eight stories indicates that all 81 columns in Building 7 were simultaneously severed over eight stories. Only explosives can account for this kind of structural failure. Indeed, fires have never caused the total collapse of a steel-framed high-rise, let alone in the manner of a classic controlled demolition.

The infinitely small chance of a fire-induced failure bringing down the entire building – in particular, through the improbable series of structural failures which the government alleges caused the collapse – cannot be reconciled with the strong foreknowledge on the part of local authorities that Building 7 would eventually collapse (which the video highlights prominently). If Building 7 actually collapsed from fire, the authorities’ prediction of Building 7’s collapse would be analogous to confidently and correctly predicting one specific lottery ticket to win the lottery.

The inexplicable foreknowledge on the part of authorities is made all the more apparent by the inability of the engineering community to explain it after the fact. Nine months after the collapse, FEMA would state, “The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time…. [T]he best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence.” More than four years after the collapse, the government’s lead investigator would state, “[T]ruthfully, we don’t really know. We’ve had trouble getting a handle on building No. 7.”

In reality, the warnings of Building 7’s imminent demise must have originated from someone who knew that Building 7 was going to be brought down in a controlled demolition. Beyond that, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which represents over 2,400 architectural and engineering professionals, does not speculate on who brought down Building 7 or why. Instead, we are dedicated to educating the public about the destruction of all three World Trade Center buildings with the expectation that others with the responsibility and authority to conduct a proper investigation will do so.

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(video) A&E for 9/11 Truth Architect Richard Gage on C-SPAN 8/1/14 — “The ends of the BEAMS were partially EVAPORATED! That takes 4000 DEGREE temperatures. The only thing we’re aware of that can create that is thermite”

(video) POWERFUL 9/11 Documentary Airs on PBS Across Colorado!!!!!!!

(video) 9/11 Building 7 Evaluation: Forensic Engineer Prof at U of Alaska & his PhD students will run an evaluation on NIST WTC 7 collapse model, compare results to other possible collapse scenarios

(6-minute video) 9/11 Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying — Low-temp kerosene/paper fires could not have MELTED, radically bent WITHOUT CRACKING, and even FUSED steel

(video) Top architect explains why 9/11 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and Al Qaeda didn’t have the technology or access to do it. Who did? Two months before the ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION PROJECT, Nick ROCKEFELLER predicted a 9/11-like event to trigger war!

(video) Richard Gage on Judy Wood: “When somebody comes forth with their own theory, which has very little evidence, if any, and denies the most basic evidence, that is very well documented, forensic, scientific evidence, I can only presume that what she is purveying is disinformation” • “These cooling, falling, molten iron droplets could easily account for the so-called toasted cars” • “We have written a four page paper on this subject”

(video) “The Smoking Gun” of 9/11 – WTC Building 7

(HD Video 2015) Solving 9/11 Christopher Bollyn Live in Dallas TX Feb 12, 2015 — Israeli hardline Zionists named • Powerful Powerpoint presentation!

Book: Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, by Christopher Bollyn (Who-did-9/11 book online — free download!) • Paperback at Amazon

(video) Israel & 9/11 – Christopher Bollyn 2.5hr Q&A in L.A. — 9-11 Truth Ends the War • “We are like today’s peace movement”

(video) ISRAEL & 9/11: John B. Wells with Christopher Bollyn (‘Solving 9-11’) & “Rebekah Roth” (‘Methodical Deception’) – Caravan to Midnight 9-11-15!

International Zionism Did 911 – 23 facts implicating Mossad and the criminal Zionists in America and Israel as the planners, orchestrators and executors of the 911 attacks

(audio) Airline Captain Philip Marshall with John B. Wells on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 9/8/12: “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror” — Fasten your seatbelt — the sad truth is that all of the solid evidence points to a dark collaboration between members of the Bush Administration and a covert group of Saudi government officials. The hijackers were trained at a CIA-operated airport in Arizona.

(video) Bush & Cheney Knew About 9/11 Months Before It Happened Says Whistleblower, Susan Lindauer, Charged Under Patriot Act

(audio) The Other 9/11 Suspects: Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. — Insider, Kevin Ryan on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ with John B. Wells, 8/31/13 — WTC was designed to survive an impact of airliners and certified to withstand intense fires!

Joel Skousen: Best Evidence – 9/11 attacks a government black operation from beginning to end

A PNAC Primer: How We Got Into This Mess

(video) Nick Rockefeller Predicted “Event” To Trigger War Eleven Months Before 9/11

[13-minute video] The Official 9/11 Story Defies Science — Experts PROVE that sooty black burning JET FUEL (kerosene) DOES NOT MELT STEEL!!!

(video) Psychologists Explain 911 Denial — Fear, Pride…. “We need the truth in order to heal.”

David Rockefeller: “I’m PROUD of” being “part of a SECRET CABAL working AGAINST the best interests of the United States”

(video) Molten Steel Found at Ground Zero Weeks After 9/11

Architect Richard Gage on 9/11 truth: “98% of those who watch this presentation end up agreeing with us…. We really only get called conspiracy theorists and kooks by those who are UNWILLING TO LOOK at the evidence.”

(video) 9/11 Masterminds – Explosive Connections

(video) 9/11 Molten-Steel Smoking Gun! Brian Williams (NBC) presents the WTC Metorite — “Exposed to TEMPERATURES AS HOT AS THE INNER EARTH”

Swedish Structural Engineer: WTC Towers Did Not Collapse from Fire

[Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Video] 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, Full-length

(video) Pentagon security camera shows 757 sized object before fireball on 9/11 — My test demonstrates

9/11 Pentagon: What the Physical Evidence Shows — 757 landing gear, wheel hub, fuselage part — severed lamp poles

(HD video) 9/11 Pentagon Attack – Behind the Smoke Curtain – Barbara Honegger — Massive amount of research shared!

(video) Pentagon security camera shows 757 sized object before fireball on 9/11 — My test demonstrates

All of my 9/11 truth posts in reverse chronological order (latest posts appear first, 10 posts per page)

(video) When Mitt Romney Came To Town — “Make a profit, that’s the name of the game, right?” – Mitt Romney

Originally published November 14, 2015


What a liar!

No wonder why he’s so nervous.

He’s always smelled bad to me.

– –

Make a profit, that’s the name of the game, right?

– Mitt Romney

* * *

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLWnB9FGmWE]When Mitt Romney Came To Town — Full, complete version

MarcinCalifornia’s channel

(video) Bob Fletcher: CIA/Bush Drug Ties & Sonny Bono’s Murder

Original posting

– –

Bob Fletcher was on AJ the other day and had a very interesting story about Bono [second video below]. He claimed Bono had put together a Congressional hearing committee that had real subpoena powers to investigate into CIA drug trafficking.

He said Sonny actually went to Washington thinking he could do good. He quickly realized he was surrounded by crooks, everywhere. He was supposedly devastated to find out about government drug dealing. He apparently had several breakdowns over it.

Bob Fletcher is the one who submitted most of the info in a report to Sonny, as requested by Sonny.

He also mentioned that Sonny was so infurious, that he went out of his way to make sure he had secured real subpoena powers to investigate. Meaning he was going to call, by name, many different high ranking politicians and military personal, that would either have to show up and answer all the questions, or go to prison. He set up the Congressional committee, and he was the head of it, to make sure it didnt get co-opted.

Sonny had everything set up to move forward. He went on a 10 day vacation, and when he returned he was going to pursue the Government for these crimes. He never made it back though….. (source)

• • •


Alex starts by talking about his small beginnings in how Bob Fletcher
helped mold him into the broadcaster he is today
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJJjnZoivag]Alex Jones Beginnings

Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on Mar 28, 2012

The Meat:

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6GXmvtyLR8]CIA/Bush Drug Ties, Weather Wars & Sonny Bono’s Murder with Author Bob Fletcher

Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on Mar 28, 2012

On this, the Wednesday, March 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with investigator Bob Fletcher about weather weapons. Fletcher was interviewed during the Iran-Contra hearings and was a deposed witness for the Christic Institute’s 24 million dollar legal proceedings against the Iran-Contra lineup. He is a founding member of the Militia of Montana.


The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder and Censorship by YouTube

Bob Fletcher’s comments at: Tomorrow (5/11) on ‘Coast’: “Bob Fletcher will talk about Sonny Bono’s mysterious death” (First Hour)

The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder, by David Martin

Congressman Sonny Bono Didn’t Ski Into a Tree—Was About to Expose Top Officials

[DVD] Destiny Denied: The Murder of Congressman Sonny Bono

FOX News’ Fake Infobabes: Megyn Kelly’s Plastic Surgery — The NOSE she originally had was much larger and rounded at the tip • Botox • Implants • Teeth veneers

People need to know that Rupert Murdoch‘s infobabes aren’t whom they appear to be. He uses pretty people to sell the globalists’ reverse-Christian, post-9/11 wars and the unconstitutional, NSA police state to conservatives.

Her new nose “softens her features for a more feminine look.”

– –

From: plasticsurgeryid.com

Did Megyn Kelly Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Megyn is rumored to have had Botox to achieve the younger look that she is known for. The procedure works by paralyzing the muscles of the face. This serves to reduce the problem of skin wrinkling. It is apparent that the popular celebrity has had fillers and Botox among other procedures. Another aspect of Megyn Kelly plastic surgery is a nose job. The nose that she originally had was much larger and rounded at the tip. The nose job procedure was performed with the aim of reshaping her nose. It is not clear how many nose job she has had but the transition would require at least two procedures for it to be effective. …

In Megyn’s case the nose needed to be repositioned to fit in properly with the rest of her face and soften her features for a more feminine look. …

She also appears to have had breast implants. … It is possible that the Megyn’s incision was around her armpit because the scar has been visible in that area. …

The outspoken star has also been showing off an impressive set of teeth that could be the result of expertly placed veneers.

Entire Article Here


Fox: Not quite porn… or news — Distracting viewers with mis-information and ‘info-babes’

Fox News Rupert Murdoch key pornographer selling women’s body parts!

Rupert Murdoch’s Growing Porn Empire

(video) FOX News Rupert Murdoch is a Pornographer — “This is where he got his initial funding to create the FOX News channel”

DONALD TRUMP SEXIST? MEGYN KELLY TALKS DIRTY WITH HOWARD STERN: Past behavior demonstrates Kelly’s nonchalance with sexual issues

(video) Megyn Kelly Pimps Vaccines — Alex Jones calls out Fox News anchors Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly for lying to the American public

[Very HEAVY!] Who is Rupert Murdoch? Could people be this evil? — The EVANGELICALS are the “fertile ground” for his message of hate and deceit — LIE to the people, give them ENEMIES to hate, arrange WARS for them to fight and stand back and watch them destroy themselves.

FOX News Won RIGHT TO LIE in Court 2003

(video) OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism — How FOX spins the war and so much more! Many examples; includes testimonials of former employees

VERY IMPORTANT!!! 14 Propaganda Techniques Fox “News” Uses to Brainwash Americans — As honest, fair and truly intellectual debate degrades before the eyes of the global media audience, the quality of American democracy degrades along with it

(video) Fox News Spin: “Everything Is Awesome” as America Tortures — “This cultlike mentality that if you just say ‘everything’s awesome’ and live in denial you’ll be okay. Almost everybody I know who’s had horrible stuff happen in their lives live in denial and say ‘everything is awesome’”

(video) Reporters Expose FOX News’ Collusion with Monsanto to Lie About BGH/Cancer Link — “The news is what we say it is”

[real history video] David Icke: The Rothschild Zionist MainFrame — Truth about the USS Liberty; the other side of the “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” story — Israel is being jacked just like the USA is!

Meet the real Bill O’Reilly: ‘Fair’ly un’Balanced’ and Fairly Disgusting: O’Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit — Female coworker details lewd behavior of Fox News star

[Fox news unfair & unbalanced] Warmongerer, Reverse-Peacemaker Bill O’Reilly Slams Ron Paul; Host Responds

Bill O’Reilly Flips Out — Truly ‘Fair and Balanced’ People Don’t Do This

Bill O’Reilly to Judge Napolitano: “I don’t care about the Constitution … Don’t be a pinhead”

Analyzing O’Reilly’s body language—Anger, Personal Space

O’Reilly Lies About FOX Being “Fair & Balanced”

“Bill, show the world you have some courage.” Jesse Ventura challenges Bill O’Reilly to an interview. “Our media, today, is into creating the news rather than reporting it.”

[updated] FOX News Illustrated: “We Spin, We Decide” — Because Sometimes You Can’t Handle the Truth

Fox News: Take Ron Paul Out Of The Debates!

[Priceless!] Geraldo driven out of Occupy Wall Street yelling “FOX News Lies!” — The entire Fox News crew left!

Man Drank 45 Beers, Got ‘Riled Up’ By Fox News Before Mosque Arson (VIDEO) — “I only know what I hear on Fox News and what I hear on radio”

(video) Fox News Mocks Seahawks Coach For Being A 9/11 Truther

Fox News continues to blackout Rand Paul in their poll coverage — Globalists ‘Ron Pauling’ Rand

(video) Murdoch of Fox News Admits Manipulating the News for Agenda — Pushing the Bush Wars

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Murdoch Buys Biggest Online Faith Network

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(video) Why Sarah Palin Stopped Her 2012 Presidential Bid – On the “same day” evidence of Todd Palin’s sexual encounters was released – Ed Opperman 20Aug2013

Many of us in Alaska had great respect for Sarah while she was governor. We thought she was a Christian, but I started hearing things. And the more I learned the reverse-Christian truths about this so-called conservative values candidate the more I realize how greatly we’ve been lied to and deceived. Many still hold her up as a shining example…. It’s important to know the truth so we won’t get fooled again!

This is just one of my many Sarah Palin posts at ToBeFree — some linked below. For me, she’s a real let-down. Very sad and shameful when we understand the real Sarah Palin. We need to be more careful.

– –

“Some of the evidence from her hard drive, and computer and stuff like that was released from the Anchorage police department, that same day that it reached my office was the same day that Sarah Palin announced on Sean Hannity that she wasn’t going to run for President.”

– Ed Opperman

Sarah and Todd discussed at minute 5:30[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X564F-_QhBg]Was Sarah Palins Husband Seeing A hooker? Ed Opperman 20Aug12013

Vinny Eastwood

Published on Oct 10, 2014

Description from Vinny’s original YouTube of this at youtube.com/watch?v=xo5dY5bPZ7E, published on Aug 22, 2013, which has been posted here, but was taken down at YouTube:

If you’re reading this at http://www.guerillamedia.co.nz click “Original Article” on the bottom right for the video.



20 August 2013, Dark Secrets, American Scandal and Assassinations! Ed Opperman,

Vinny’s NUTShell: Ed Opperman http://www.emailrevealer.com/
“My experience is in online infidelity investigations. I invented a method to trace a persons email back to online dating sites and personal ads.

I can discuss the Anthony Weiner Story from the perspective of a private investigator that investigates Internet Infidelity and a DFI that recovers deleted data from cell phones and computer hard drives.

I can discus my work in digital forensics in high profile stories like Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen Ashton Kutcher, Howard Stern, Sarah Palin / Todd Palin prostitution scandal and the media coverup, and the Secret Service Scandal in Colombia.

I’m a frequent guest on Freedomslips.com, with Douglas Dietrich ad I’ve been on with Stew Webb. I can discuss my involvement in negotiating a settlement in the Art Bell feud and lawsuit.

I recent presented at the super soldier summit regarding my how I met Mark David Chapman and my theory on the Lennon murder.” …


The Man Who Will Bust You – Or Protect You: Ed Opperman Digital Forensic Investigator — Catch a Cheater • Stop Harassing Phone Calls • Identity Theft • Cyber Stalker Prevention • Locate someone with a Reverse Email Search • Cell Phone and Computer Forensics

Report: Todd Palin, Sarah Palin’s hubby, alleged sex scandal with Shailey Tripp — “…the scandal could ruin Sarah’s bid for the presidency in 2012, along with threatening the couple’s marriage.”

Proof that Sarah Palin had fake Letters to the Editor written to sway public opinion

Can Sarah Palin be a real, going-to-heaven Christian?

Can Sarah Palin be a real, going-to-heaven Christian, part 2? — Encouraging Bristol’s tango on DWTS: “Is it like lap dancing scandalous (giggling, darting out her tongue)? … Just dominate. Just take over.”

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — (What a real Christian must be)

Palin insider, Frank Bailey: Love thy neighbor? Turn the other cheek? Forgiveness? These New Testament concepts were not part of Sarah Palin’s temperament. Both eyes for an eye was the rule, and vanquishing enemies became a goal.

As Sarah Palin’s star rises, critics expose her dark side

Vanity Fair: “Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury” — the reverse-Christianity

Devvy: Sarah Palin: Buying the Sizzle

Globalist Kingpin, Henry Kissinger to teach Sarah Palin about foreign affairs

Dr. Stanley Monteith on Sarah Palin: “She’s saying all the things we believe; and she well may believe them, but she’s totally under their control. When you take 10, 12 million dollars in nine months from these people why you’ve sold your soul. She will do their bidding.”

Sarah Palin demonstrates why most evangelicals dissed Ron Paul, who wanted to bring the troops home. ‘Christians’ have two sets of books: one for US and one for THEM (“who don’t deserve rights”). THEY’re not our ‘neighbor’ whom Jesus commanded US to love as much as ourselves. Maybe that’s why most evangelicals refuse to investigate 9/11. If THEY didn’t take down the towers…???

Pat Buchanan: “On foreign policy … Ron Paul and Sarah Palin are on opposite sides completely.” What would Jesus do?

What is Anchorage’s new statue sitting there thinking? “Why does Alaska still support Sarah Palin, the OPPOSITE OF RON PAUL on foreign interventionism?” — & — “Why did ‘Christians’ in this town vote for George W. Bush, the OPPOSITE OF JESUS on foreign interventionism, TWICE?”

What Would Jesus Do, Sarah? Palin Uses Crosshairs To Identify Dems Who Voted For Health Care Reform

Palin Goes Rogue Against Tea Party Candidates, by Valerie Richardson

Palin family in Alaska brawl: ‘Alcohol was believed to be a factor’

Chuck Baldwin: A Warning To The Tea Party Nation — “Be careful about Sarah Palin…playing both sides.” “The Nation also needs to be careful about Glenn Beck.”

Joel Skousen: “One of my greatest disappointments is to see that the conservatives are being completely snookered by Sarah Palin”

Sarah Palin: U.S. Troops in Iraq Doing God’s Will — “A Task that is From God”

Palin: ‘In MY WORLD,’ ‘it is OBVIOUS to me who the GOOD GUYS…and who the BAD GUYS are’

Devvy Kidd: Palin is in full lock step with war monger, McCain, cheering on the clever marketing slogan (“surge”). But in reality, Bush invaded a non-threatening country and destroyed it!

Chuck Baldwin: Sarah Palin’s Answers—Very Troubling

Some of Palin’s remarks stretch the truth

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(video) The Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr. by Stefan Molyneux — Multiple affairs & sex parties, plagiarism, lying – all true, sadly. Be careful who you venerate

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgqz3CaAWC0]The Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux

Published on Jan 20, 2014

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a pastor, activist and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. What is the truth about Martin Luther King, Jr?

Sources: http://www.fdrurl.com/mlk


“Be very wary of people venerated by sick societies. Sick, evil, immoral, wretched societies tend not to worship really moral, virtuous, stand-up kind of people” – Stefan Molyneux

Martin Luther King Jr. The Real Truth.. Not a Reverend Not a Doctor (heavy video)


The Truth About South Africa and Apartheid by Stefan Molyneux – A Tragically Missed Opportunity! — Apartheid was being overcome; SA was arising, but the naive rock stars screamed ‘racism.’ Sanctions were instated.The opportunity was lost! The black, middle class wasn’t large enough for Mandella’s socialist government to implement extreme affirmative action requirements. Socialism destroyed the economy for whites and blacks, and crime, rape and murder massively increased! Lifespan of blacks was reduced by 9 years. Ughhh!

(video) The Truth About Nelson Mandela by Stefan Molyneux — Be very careful of people venerated by sick societies. If you praise someone committed to violence… South Africa is now the rape and murder capitol of the world!

Nelson Mandela: A Terrorist? — His moves for national reconciliation were to be applauded!! But he also was a Marxist and a terrorist who was imprisoned after being found guilty of committing 156 acts of violence and terrorism, and would not recant. South Africa today is the murder capital of the world, a nation where a woman is raped every 30 seconds, often by AIDs carriers

The Truth About Immigration and Welfare by Stefan Molyneux – The demographic suicide of the United States — “A third of the Mexican population now lives in the United States, largely taking welfare and voting for Democrats, who want a bigger, nanny state, to take away guns, and to have bigger government and more control over the population” • “A third of Mexico has moved to America. Are they becoming Americans? No. America, unless you stop it, will become Mexico”

(video) The Truth About Gandhi: Racial supremacist, sexist, pedophile, murderer… By Stefan Molyneux — Be very careful of people venerated by sick societies

(video) Stefan Molyneux: Our Current Place in Human History — “Most people go with whatever is most comfortable”

(video) The Truth About Robin Williams: The EX-WIVES $ALIMONY$ FACTOR

(video) Brilliant Speaker Stefan Molyneux: Why People are Waking Up

Stefan Molyneux: Liberals are Very Pro-Gun — “You [liberals] just believe that only the Government (which is, of course, so reliable, honest, moral and virtuous…) should be allowed to have guns … centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small, political elite and their minions”