(video) The Truth About Robin Williams: The EX-WIVES $ALIMONY$ FACTOR

NOTE: Stefan’s language sometimes here dips below my normal standards for sharing. But he explains this ALIMONY, ‘gold digging,’ “love of $MONEY among women” factor far better than I’ve ever heard.

Just because the courts say it’s okay to take *that much* money doesn’t mean it’s okay….

$ALIMONEY$ broke his wallet and his heart.

Also: “He didn’t know how to interact with people without being ‘on.'”

Fascinating story about being bullied and not loved enough by his parents during childhood too!

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diyuAXzN7yo]The Truth About Robin Williams

Stefan Molyneux

Published on Aug 12, 2014

After a lifetime of comedic achievement, the suspected suicide of Robin Williams shocked the millions of people for whom he had become a household name. What brought about the tragic end of such an accomplished man? What is the truth about Robin Williams? …


Robin Williams: The Sad Truth The Media Won’t Tell You — Insidious forces tormented Williams and drove him to suicide — “These voices follow me around pretty much all day and night” (William’s mentor, Jonathan Winters)

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ANTIDEPRESSANT?? Another Great Comedian, Robin Williams, Lost to Suicide or Murder?

Video: Marlon Wayans: Antidepressants may have caused Robin Williams’ suicide

“I think there’s something in these medicines that people are taking for depression that’s making them depressed and making them commit suicide,” Wayans said.

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