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The Unconstitutional Light-Bulb Ban

…President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 last month. Buried in the 822 pages of the bill, among numerous new energy regulations on everything from automobiles to televisions, was a plan to ban the light bulb. Yes, the light bulb. …

When the founding fathers came together in 1787 at Independence Hall to write the U.S. Constitution, they created a government with limited powers, concerned chiefly with protecting the individual rights of American citizens….

Switching from incandescent bulbs to CFL bulbs is not like switching air fresheners. CFL bulbs take longer to warm up, the coloration is different and they contain toxic amounts of mercury. Broken CFL bulbs carry the risk of mercury poisoning for those who come in contact with them, and proper disposal methods need to be followed to prevent environmental pollution. To get the full life out of your CFL bulb (as opposed to an incandescent bulb whose purchase price is much lower), the government advises consumers to keep it turned on for at least 15 minutes.

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  1. Hi Jeff

    We have the same thing going on over here in Britain. All over the country now the public are hoarding conventional light bulbs because of the undemocratic way that incandescent light bulbs are being forced upon us. It is very hard to buy conventional light bulbs now, despite huge customer demand.

    Read more here:

    all the best

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