Freedom from Alaska!

26,000 Pastors for Martial Law Continuity of Government

This is an expanded version of the video at Police State Clergy Response Teams.


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  1. that pastors have been recruited and trained and willing in give in to the government, as go betweens in order to keep the peace in the event of martial law, is morally duplicitous and shades of what happened in nazi germany in the third reich- listen my friends this IS the new world order master plan hearken to this- be warned be valiant be ready let Jesus christ be your Lord and Savior he is God the one who leads you -he alone you can shield you in the hour of trouble therefore it is him whom you must reverently fear for he is worthy you dont have to obey what constitutes an ungodly regime that is which is evil – you must obey righteousness therefore be discerning to what that is as Christ reveals it to you – stay in the word of God rev 13 is coming and the police as well -trust in Christ he is salvation

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