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Bob Chapman Critiques Lindsey Williams’ “The Next 12 Months” Theory

From: The International Forecaster, 7/26/08

Lindsey Williams, who has been an ordained Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. The Transalaska oil pipeline began its construction phase in 1974, and because of his concern for the spiritual welfare of the “pipeliners,” Mr. Williams volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the subsequent full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to the information that is documented in his book, “The Energy Non-Crisis,” which shows that peak oil is a scam because our domestic reserves in the North Slope of Alaska alone are at least as large as those in Saudi Arabia and are potentially large enough to power the US with domestic oil for two centuries. Recently this year, due to the sensitive nature of his book, Mr. Williams’ life was threatened and he was forced to shut down his web-site and stop selling his books and CDs. At the urging of Dr. Stanley Monteith of Radio Liberty, he called back the same oil executive who had warned him about the danger he would be in if he continued to disseminate certain information to ask if in fact there was any information that he could in fact convey to the public without upsetting the powers that be. The oil executive, who Mr. Williams had known for years, gave Mr. Williams some startling revelations which he could safely reveal to the general public. As you know, the Illuminati are arrogant enough to reveal some of their plans because they believe there is nothing we can do about it.

Basically, Mr. Williams was told that over the next twelve months, from mid-2008 to mid-2009, (1) news of super giant oil fields, ready to produce, would be announced for two locations, in the Northern Slopes of Russia and in Indonesia, which oil fields would together contain more oil reserves than the entire Middle East; (2) that this news would drive oil prices down to $50/barrel; (3) that OPEC countries, especially in the Middle East, would be bankrupted by this price decrease; (4) that this would cause the financing of our foreign trade and current account deficits through purchases of treasury paper by foreign nations with their surplus oil profits to collapse, leading to the collapse of the dollar; (5) that the collapse of the dollar would cause unprecedented financial strife and turmoil in the US, and that it would take many years for the US to recover from this financial debacle; (6) that they (big oil) support John McCain for President; and (7) that US domestic oil reserves would never be tapped, and that any legislation which might allow domestic reserves to be tapped would not be allowed to pass, leaving the US dependent on foreign oil forever.

News of the Russian oil field has been announced just as predicted, but whether the rest happens as stated above remains to be seen. Nevertheless, many of these revelations seem quite feasible, so we thought we would comment on how these revelations might play out under the current financial scenario.

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  1. What a bizarre article… Which new supergiant field (elephant field is the correct term)in Russia is he referring to?
    Of the seven predictions, I’ll predict that all but number 6 will not come true. Number 6 has already happened. The major oil companies have been solidly Republican supporters since President Eisenhower. So #6 isn’t a prediction, merely a restatement of known fact. #2 through #5 are predicated on #1, which hasn’t happened as far as I know, and is highly unlikely to ever happen (a quick review of the locations and volumes of known oil reserves worldwide and a basic understanding of oil geology explains why). #7… roughly 2/3 of our current oil consumption comes from “US domestic oil reserves”.

  2. Mike




  3. voice of reason

    Actually prediction #1 has already happened. July 24th Fox News reported on this elephant oil field discovered in Russia.

  4. Mary k abel

    Is there any other better way to control every
    other nation, or person on earth. Cars which run on water are either bought.. and if the creator
    won’t deal.. they kill him . Did you know there
    is coming a day when 10 kings of the earth are
    going to fear that they may loose it all and that is when they are going to submit to the one with the control given to him by Hasatan.. who will take up residence in this person for a short period of time …see the
    Revelation for details. He is Prince of darkness, Apollian, son of perdition, God of this world, prince and power of the air, adversary, “For such are false emissaries, deceptive workers, masquerading as emissaries of Messiah. And no wonder! For Satan himself masquerades as a messenger of light! It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteusness, whose end shall be according to their works!” 2Cor.

    • Ryan

      There is nothing like religo-crazy bible talk to discredit someone’s point of view. Such people expose themselves; they lack the mental capacity to critically analyze an argument or logically deduce conclusions from information. Indoctrination perpetuates religion. “Faith” is an excuse to believe in outrageous lies which lack even a shred of credibility.

      • Frank

        God doesn’t want religion mate he wants relationship. Jesus was the most un-religious person who ever came to earth.
        Read what he said to some of the so-called mob who were supposed to uphold the old testament church. Bet you have not even read the bible let alone understood it. You my friend are the dill.

      • Howard Craven

        You,Sir are very confused as to the true meaning of faith. A serious look into the King James bible along with a little prayer would change that. Bless you brother. Howard

  5. Raymond

    voice of reason, I searched the internet and fox news, but can find no mention of the Russian elephant oil field find. Can you post the link? Thanks.


  6. On 24 July FoxNews had a story on a USGS survey that indicated that there may be as much as 90 billion barrels of undiscovered oil in the Arctic, mostly in the Russian zone. Maybe that’s what voice of reason is talking about. I’ve blogged about the USGS report a couple times, and
    I would note that the USGS report is an estimate of potential undiscovered oil in the Arctic, and should be viewed as an overall estimate of a bunch of intelligent guesses. Kind of “if I were to go looking for oil and gas in the arctic, I’d look here” type of analysis.

  7. I missed comment #2 earlier… Actually, we have a very good idea about world energy reserves, especially in the U.S. The private oil companies (ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, etc.) have to sign leases to develop the oil fields and pay taxes on production. The oil itself generally is owned by governments who lease production rights to oil companies.
    The reserves we don’t know about are a very small percentage of privately-owned fields (all very small) and those that are owned and produced by national oil companies, like ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia. I specifically mention the Saudis because they own one of the largest oil fields in the world (somewhere in the top five, although actual position is debatable) and they are one of the few countries where the volume of proven reserves is a state secret. Most countries have either public disclosure of national oil company reserves or public leasing of oil reserves to private oil companies.

  8. Captain

    #2, it is no longer about money. These people have all the money they will ever need. It is now about control. Who cares how much money one has, that is not as powerful as who controls the world.

  9. Jay

    Just a quick correction. It was Jeff Rense, rather than Dr. Monteith, who suggested that Lindsey Williams contact the oil exec again. That’s at least what was said in the radio interview by Mr. Williams.

  10. JAV

    The Rockefeller trust is alive & well. Exxon Mobil BP Chevron etc.. are all Rockefeller, companies. when they were broken up they became more productive and more profitable ( Daniel Yergan, The Prize). The Prize is worth reading, you will know who all the players are and there is not that many. As Lindsey has said the Rockefeller’s own the US Government.
    I think this will make the mucky water clear . Go to this link and it will help a lot.

    Front page Mag David Horowitz is another credible source.

    You have to know who all the players are and follow the money trail.

  11. Jeff Fenske

    Regarding Jay’s “correction,” post #9, above:

    Dr. Stanley Monteith has now posted his 10/08 newsletter, in which he writes how it went down:

    Lindsey told me about the threatening telephone call, and discussed the other things that Mr. X told him. Lindsey hadn’t been a guest on a radio program since the telephone call because he feared for his family’s safety, but Lindsey was also concerned about the other things that Mr. X told him.

    During the course of our conversation, Lindsey asked me what he should do. I told him he must stop talking about Gull Island, and suggested he contact Mr. X, and ask him if he (Lindsey) could reveal what Mr. X told him. Lindsey called several days later, and told me that Mr. X said the events were going to take place, so Lindsey could tell the public what lies ahead as long as he didn’t reveal the source of his information.

    Jeff Fenske

  12. John Moore

    How can you possibly link? 1.The U.S. dollar at a record high against other currencies. 2. A U.S. debt to forigners at eleven trillion dollars. 3. Gold selling at a 25% discount from it’s high but very little available for physical delivery.4. U.S.Treasuries paying 0.25% interest 5. Gas at $1.49 a gallon. May I suggest that all five signes are a prediction of a U.S. default on it’s treasuries and the establishment of a new currency based on our more or less sustainable trade balance with two countries that have oil, Mexico and Canada. Without the revenue from $146. a barrel oil the gold rich Arab countries will have to sell their gold hords to maintain social stability in their countries. Near “0” interest on traasuries is just a stop gap measure untill the truth is widely known that the U.S. can’t make good on it’s bonds.The new three country currency will probably carry an 80% exchange devaluation, making gas to cost one new dollar per gallon equal to five old dollars. This is what happened to the Germans, when the Euro came in. The prices stayed the same but now they were in Euros not D-marks. The only problem it took two D-marks to get one new Euro.The present high dollar is just a sucker play to get as many people as possible into dollars before the the devaluation. A little survival note: it takes 37 pounds of rice to fill an empty 5 gallon water bottle,which will provide 352 single servings of rice. Your total cost will be about $32. NOW dollars that is $28 for the rice $5 deposite on the water jug and $1. for the dry ice placed inside each jug to assure storability. Used cooking oil can be run in your diesel car after being filtered three times through a 2 five gallon paint pail filter. Cut 1/2″ holes in the bottom of one pail and place under carpet felt from the trunk of a junk yard car in the bottom of the pail that sits on top of another pail used to catch the filtered oil. Mix 1 gallon of karosine to 12 gallons of filtered oil then add 2 ounces of Acetone(nail polish remover) Happpy motoring almost for free

  13. dude

    Ha this is funny, where are all the critics now? They shut right up.

  14. echoing dude

    true that. williams is usually dead on. though his sources didn’t seem to prepare him for $40/barrell oil (though WTI is much closer to $50), or that we may see oil go down to $17/barrel? then again, maybe that is all noise and his sources are dead on as always. though it took a lot of pandering from obama to get them to trust him with the Ship Imperiale!

  15. I agree with dude … I love it when the skeptics and critics get their noses rubbed in it (LOL) …

  16. It’s the first time I commented here and I must say you share us genuine, and quality information for bloggers! Good job.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where did you find it?

  17. Jeff Fenske


    Thank you!

    It’s a standard WordPress template, tweaked a bit by my webMASTER friend, who changed the header and a few things on the side, as well as increased the font size just a tad.

    I chose this template for its smooth readability.

    Jeff : )

  18. John Stein

    This is a ego maniac who is completely full of shit! Most PREACHERS are!
    But the fact anyone took this FOOL as having facts is amazing. Oil fell because McCain started preaching drill here drill now and we have enough supply to glut the world market and forever drive the price to nothing!
    Opec whos only product is OIL feared McCain getting elected and drove the price down to help Obama get elected, it took OIL OUT OF THE ELECTION, if gas were $4.25 a gallon on election day McCain wins! Now Obama like Bush is going to do nothing and opec can resume screwing us. That’s what happened!
    This ignorant HICK DOESN’T KNOW SHIT OR ANYONE WHO KNOWS SHIT and is a lying fool….

  19. BWR

    Mr. Stein……

    With all due respect, your harsh words, expletives, pontificating rhetoric and use of exclamations marks, only illuminate your obvious frustration over your ignorance and lack of related research regarding this subject. Rather than hypothesizing over the smaller picture of the past election run up, it should be suggested that you step from the forest so that you can see the trees, and look at the larger picture. A lack of study and understanding does not afford one a position on a subject, nor does it give one the right to debate in a redirected manner via an assertive posture. If you take Mr. Lindsey as a fraud and what he has disclosed as fraudulent, then by all means, take the time to disprove the subject and then write this forum back with your factual findings.


  20. Jack Faulk

    Lindsey Williams is a just and truthfull man on what he has said on everything concerning the huge oil find on gull island, alaska. He has written a book “The Non-Energy Crisis” back in 1980, telling all abount the huge amount of oil in the prud-hoe bay area of alaska. He has been speaking for years around the country about this. Video’s can be found on the internet of him speaking at different conferences. He was a good friend of Ken Fromm, who was a key supervisor for atlantic richfield oil company, the first company to discover oil in the Northslope of alaska. Senator Hugh Chance from Colorado whitnessed the facts shown to lindsey williams about the huge oil deposits in alaska. Lindsey Williams did have a web site and suddenly shut it down. I know because I was a member of his web site. Back in the early 1980’s Ken Fromm told lindsey, the price of oil was going to drop, and many people thought it wouldn’t because at the time the price was in the $30 to $40 range, a short time later the price did fall to around $10 to $11, just as Ken Fromm said it would, and last May 2008 Lindsey was told to keep his mouth shut, he was causing to many people to cause problems for the oil companies, and threaten him and his family. Lindsey said he would stop and he asked this billionaire oil person(who he new from when he was in Alaska in the 1970’s)what was going to happen to America in the future, and he was told that the price of oil would fall to around $50 a barrel or a little higher for about a year. This was going to happen in the fall of 2008. These events has happened. So one can see lindsey has been telling the truth.

  21. A friend

    I’ve been followinf Lindsay Williams since 2007 and he has nailed every prediction except one. He said John McCain was the elite’s man to win but that was in a January interview. As we got a little closer to election time, he said that either man could win and he said, if we’re going to war then McCain will win. If the economy is to tank then Obama will win.

  22. John Stein

    Any of you idiots that think Lindsay Williams knows a GOD DAMN thing is a fool.

  23. Washed

    Mr. Stein, since you ignore the predictions that have and are right now coming true right in front of you; tell us your predictions?

    What says the wise Mr. Stein; fit to say Mr. Williams knows nothing, as Mr. Williams predictions come true.

    Also, take note wise Stein, that prediction #6 may well have been disinformation sown in with the truth to cause McCain supporters to either sit out the election in disgust, vote for a 3rd party candidate with no chance (unfortunately) or support the Kenyan. Military/Intelligence personnel are keen to look for disinformation sown among some truth to mislead the naive.

    Again, if you are fit to judge Mr. Williams, show us your superior predictions–we’ll wait.

  24. S. Long

    Should we be buying silver?

  25. Ace

    WOW none of the predictions came true. Knock me over with a feather. Conspiracy theory lunatics. Get you tin foil hats on there is a black helicopter flying over you right now!


    • Jeff Fenske

      “Men show their character in nothing more clearly than what they think laughable.”

      – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  26. Jeff Fenske


    For the record, I personally learned a lot from Y2K, how it’s wise to listen carefully to credible sounding predictions and to consider that many factors may keep the predictions from occurring on time or even at all.

    First, the source has to be credible. Lindsey’s source has been dead-on right before, but that doesn’t mean he always will be.

    And just because someone is an insider doesn’t mean the goals of or the predictions from within his group will prevail. There are many secret societies with different agendas. For example, Lindsey’s source said John McCain was their choice. Perhaps that’s why Sarah Palin was brought in, vetted by Henry Kissinger, by the way. But they didn’t get their way. Other elitists did, instead.

    Sometimes the timing may be off but the prediction will come true later. A major reason for this is because when good people hear about the dread that is coming, many will do many things and pray all kinds of prayers that can set back the agenda severely, or even stop the plan all together. This happened with Y2K, but the predicted embedded chip problem was also a non-event. And the NAFTA Superhighway also comes to mind. Once the word gets out, certain people get into gear, big time, and what would have happened doesn’t. And the globalist-owned media covers the globalists’ footprints.

    It’s crucial to know that real, dark spiritual forces are at work. And the Devil is a liar. The people at the top (or the bottom) are satanically influenced big-time. The love of money, alone, is enough to do this to people. The high level globalists are probably deeply involved in the occult. I doubt if this man is, but when there are demons involved, there is massive lying and massive chaos. Demons even hate each other, fiercely. It’s even hard for insiders to wade through the deception, even if they’re trying tell the truth about what they see is coming. I think it’s wise to listen, but the Holy Spirit is the best source. I’m more apt to trust prophetic words given to credible and holy living Christians by God than what the kingmakers say.

    I have a category at this site called Timing Predictions in which I post a number of predictions that seem to be given in good faith by those who are in the know. Some have a pretty good track record. It’s interesting to look at these to get an idea of future trends, but these aren’t gospel.

    At my other site,, I have a Prophecies & Visions category. Some of these are predictive along these lines, while many are off of this subject. The 2012 one is very interesting. I personally believe something major is going to happen in the next few years — that we have a window of opportunity right now to get our house in order. But if we ride out the upcoming years without any further major negative events I would be happy, and I’ll continue to pursue the things I love to do. But given the serious warnings from so many expert sources, both in the natural and in the spiritual, I tend to think that something big and not very good is coming.

    I should mention one other thing: history. I’ve never been a big mainstream history buff, but it’s interesting to look at the history that isn’t taught in schools or on The History Channel (or if it is mentioned, it’s spun on The History Channel). One can learn a lot from real history to see what they’ve been working towards for centuries. Dr. Stanley Monteith is a master at this. I’ve now linked to the excellent videos at his site. If what he knows was mainstream knowledge, the New World Order wouldn’t have a chance. But Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc. are paid millions to captivate the religious right into thinking they actually know what’s going on.

    I believe it’s too late to stop what’s coming. We may be able to slow it down, but that’s it.

    It’s time to get ready. That’s all I know for sure. And to me, the only safe place is to be in God: right with God and all others. We need a spiritual revival in which groups of us will all be this way, literally in Christ — not the way the false teachers say ‘Christians’ are already automatically in Christ. When we’re right with each other in Christ, the Holy Spirit will be tangibly present in our lives, and we can make it through whatever comes, even if that’s martyrdom. “When the sufferings of Christ flow into our lives His comfort flows.”

    The only safe place is in Him, and that’s what my spiritual site is all about. Jesus prayed that we would be ONE in Him. Then the world will know. And then we’ll be so happy!!!


    God bless!!

    Jeff Fenske : )
    Anchorage, Alaska

  27. Crypto- nite

    Well its a year and a half after and the massive inflation has not emerged. Neither was McCain elected Pres, and the dollar is not dead.

  28. froeugeugerere

    A friend loaned me the “The Next 24 Months” DVD or whatever it’s called. I’m part way through the first one but I gotta say, among numerous concerns, the biggest one is this: If the preacher is SO SINCERE and SO URGENT, why does neither he nor his Prophecy Club host actually document prior predictions this guy made that came true, instead of just referring to them as having been accurate?

    Sorry, fans of Lindsey, they seem to have marketed this DVD specifically and solely for people who already believe him because all it contains (to anyone who hasn’t seen him before) is unverifiable anecdotes. THERE IS NO PROOF IN THE DVD — IT CONTAINS NO REASON TO BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS.

    If you’re going to make such gigantic claims you’ve GOT to have gigantic proofs, else people who don’t know you won’t have any reason to believe you.
    Surely they’d know this, IF they were sincere. But so far, I find nothing whatsoever worth believing in it. He gives me no concrete reasons to.

    My friend’s all wrapped up in it, though, and depressed, so I’m gonna hate having to tell him I think it’s B.S. unless documentation is forthcoming.

    PS I should not have to go track down some prior DVD or book for proof, either…the man looks right into the camera and BEGS (that’s a quote) people to burn copies of the DVD to distribute it to people who know nothing about him.

    Without the slightest proof that he’s believable, though? Absurd.

    • Jeff Fenske

      Mr. froeugeugerere,

      I’d say you’re both partly right and partly wrong.

      Lindsey does have some proof, and I think it’s unwise to throw out the baby with the bathwater, especially when you use words like “nothing whatsoever.” That’s your right, but I think readers should realize that what you say isn’t balanced.

      On the other hand, both Lindsey and The Prophecy Club clearly have love-of-money issues, unless Stan Johnson has changed since I knew him. This affects their integrity, especially because they both claim to be servants of God. I don’t completely trust either. And you can see that I don’t link to the Prophecy Club on this site. But I would if I saw serious change.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if both of them believe in the erroneous once-saved-always-saved doctrine; though, the Bible clearly says that all liars will go to the lake of fire. I am disappointed with Lindsey and Stan Johnson. They could do much better.

      I still post Lindsey’s comments because I do think they are worth listening to, warts and all. I post other people’s predictions too. Over time we can get a feel of how much we should trust what a person says.

      I think it’s especially interesting now that we know who the main Mr. X is, and that he’s apparently on his deathbed. It’s sad to think that Lindsey may be telling him that all he has to do is to say this little prayer when this is really the truth: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way.

      It is unclear that Mr. X has been totally honest with Lindsey. It’s also unclear as to how connected Mr. X is with the real insiders who really do pull the strings, like the Rockefellers. But even the Rockefellers can’t accurately predict the effectiveness and timing of their machinations because they can’t accurately predict how effective the prayers and the practices of those who stand up against them and their Satanic activity.

      The only one who really knows the exact timing is God, Himself.

      So I don’t think it’s wise to totally trust what Lindsey says will happen, but I think it’s interesting to prayerfully consider what he and others say.

      There is one more factor to consider. Some of Mr. X’s predictions didn’t happen in the time-frame he stated, but they very much still could happen.

      And some of what he said was maybe wishful thinking, like McCain getting in.

      We would both probably feel a lot better about Lindsey Williams and The Prophecy Club if they really were free of the love of money and had enough integrity to hear God themselves, and share what they hear.

      The bottom line is that we need to hear and follow God ourselves, which is norm for real Christians who aren’t willfully sinning, so they don’t have demons drowning out God’s still small voice.

      We need a revival, and that is what my other site is mainly about:

      God bless,

      Jeff Fenske

  29. froeugeugerere

    All I’m saying is, if they want to convince people who’ve not heard of him before, they’re going about it in entirely the wrong way.

    This DVD offers no reason to believe the prior track record he claims actually exists; it seems directed at people who already believe him and, thus, don’t need that evidence.

    I was surprised to learn today that the friend who loaned me the DVDs has come to much the same conclusion, independent from me. That said, we both very much DO believe such elites exist. But these DVDs are all either of us know of the pastor (the DVDs were given to my friend by someone else) but we see no reason to believe this pastor has the insights he claims to have — not from these DVDs anyway.

    Even if I believed he has the sources he claims, I would not use this set of videos to convince others.

    • Jeff Fenske

      I see. I’m going by the many interviews I have posted, as I haven’t seen the DVDs.

      I ordered a video tape and books bundle from Lindsey many years ago, which was about the oil non-crisis mainly. But even back then, Lindsey wouldn’t just sell one book. He’s definitely a pitchman.

      But I appreciate Lindsey. He’s got guts, and I can throw out the bathwater in search of the baby. Had more people listened to him years ago, we’d probably be much better off right now.

      But also, if Lindsey was more honest about where he’s been wrong he would have much more credibility, turning less people off.

      I think the talk show hosts, as well as The Prophecy Club are partly responsible, for they enable his less-than-fully-honest presentations.

      It must be Lindsey’s theology that gives him license to act like everything is okay with him when it isn’t.

      I’m trying to help the truth get known about what the Bible really says about who goes to heaven and who really are the children of God. Perhaps Lindsey will catch on soon — as well as his enablers.


  30. Anonymous

    “I’m trying to help the truth get known about what the Bible really says about who goes to heaven and who really are the children of God.”

    Whoever believes the Gospel of the grace of God, right?

  31. froeugeugerere

    That was me there.

  32. Sam

    Well, Lindsey Williams was correct again. First that oil would jump to $150 and second that oil would drop to $50 per barrel. Another truth was that he said the globalists (Queen of England and her idiots) would keep gasoline under $5 throughout the summer of 2011. Next up, a price rise of 25-percent from September to December 2011 on gold and silver. Where is Lindsey Williams? He appears for a couple of weeks and vanishes for a year constantly.

  33. Anonymous

    lindsay liar fraud williams using bible and title Rev. to make moey selling lies to other dumb bible believers must be a sin.

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  35. Anonymous

    I have a friend who is hooked on Pastor Lindsey williams videos , financial collapse etc and she buys all his health product at great cost to her family! She has collected food to last her family a year and ask for more money to buy his natural medecine!!! The mariage is on the verge of collapsing because of all the stress it causes. we live in australia!! To me, Pastor lyndsey williams is a con man and sect leader who do more harm than good!

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