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Alan Stang: Restore Medical Freedom

From: News With Views

Some years ago, a New Jersey friend who was not a doctor but had been trained in the use of an “alternative” regimen, told me of a successful cardiologist who suffered a heart attack himself while enjoying a session of “horizontal recreation” in Vegas on vacation. The cardiologist quickly returned home so he could visit my friend, rather than use the same regimen he himself prescribed.

Answering my friend’s bemused question, he explained that he certainly would not use these “alternative” techniques in his practice. He didn’t need to explain that, had he done so, the state medical authorities would have threatened to yank his license, and he would have run the risk of considerable, financial loss. He returned to his practice, withholding the methods he knew were effective because they had worked for him.

When I was young, Americans would boast that this was the freest country on earth. It was true. Then! The sad fact is that today there is more medical freedom in many other countries – Germany, for instance – than there is here. I used to think we fought Germany because we hated Hitlerism. I was wrong. We love Nazism so much we wanted a monopoly.

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  1. That is the proof that the whole world is progressing.

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