World Affairs Brief, October 3, 2008. Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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I found some very interesting hints in Barton Gellman’s extensive research on Vice President Dick Cheney that confirms what I have been saying for years–Cheney controls the Bush administration with his huge staff that has fingers in every part of the administration (my conclusion, not Gellman’s). Gellman’s book is called “Angler” and here is an excerpt from a recent interview.

WASHINGTON POST: “There are a few lines in the book saying national security staff on the White House, and tell me if I’m correct here, were having their email bcc’d to the vice president’s staff.

GELLMAN: “That is correct. It was not just emails either. It was for certain sensitive documents. They travel by hand on paper and not electronically. If somebody on the national security council staff wrote a memo to say Condi Rice when she was the national security advisor, the procedure was, it would be sent to her, she had an executive secretary and an administrative assistant and it would also go to the deputy national security advisor. What you didn’t know was that it was going to be copied automatically to Cheney’s office. Same for emails, they were blind copied. …

WP: “You explained that much of the way Cheney exerted his influence– rather than, again this sort of caricature, that Bush was a marionette—-you suggest, per the title of your book, that Cheney would work the angles. …

GELLMAN: “Cheney acted, I think, probably always or nearly always in support of what he believed the president’s objectives were… [but] it is certainly not true that Bush authorized and approved in advance everything Cheney did.” It was Cheney who was setting the objectives, not Bush. Bush knew from the time he was selected to run for president that he would be controlled by the group who had selected him.