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Biden Tells Roberts: You Will Rule On Human Microchipping


During the the confirmation hearings for John Roberts Jr., George W. Bush’s nominee for Supreme Court chief justice, Roberts was questioned by Senator Joseph R. Biden on whether he would rule against a mandatory implantable microchip to track American citizens.


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  1. even so, lord jesus come….be ready, for at any moment he will split the eastern skies!!! praise the lord….amen..

  2. BT

    There has been, since the 1990’s, human microchip technology that uses a lithium, rechargeable battery component.

    To be able to recharge this battery, it has to be implanted somewhere on the human body that will allow for sufficient exchanges heat, which can be used to generate electricity. Those places are on the back of the hand or the forehead.

    When I’ve seen drawings depicting what happens in Revelation 16:2, the people are represented with sores all over their bodies. But, that’s not what the verse says. Instead, it says: “and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast…” Notice that it’s singular: “a noisome and grievous sore”.

    If a microchip powered by a rechargeable lithium battery leaks… the lithium will cause a grievous sore.

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