The Truth Is: Spotting a Lie Isn’t As Easy as It Looks? | Smiling to Hide Emotion

“Near mystical,” the article says. Perhaps the main premise of this article is in part a lie: corporate media disinfo designed to steer people away from seeking information as to how to spot the deceivers.

Included here is one of the truths this does reveal.

From: Washington Post

…the fascination, as displayed in the new Fox television series “Lie to Me,” of our near mystical belief that we might somehow learn to parse fact from fiction by sight and sense alone. …

The show…is based on the entirely serious work of Paul Ekman, the famed psychologist and author, who sold Fox his professional life rights for the series and acts as its consultant. Ekman, 75, has spent more than four decades studying nonverbal communication and its sexy sidekick, truth detection. …

He writes: “Most liars can fool most of the people most of the time.” …

Here’s a little bon mot, from the research files.

One of the most common thing people do in hiding emotions, Ekman notes, is to smile. So let’s say you notice someone very quickly tighten their lips (a highly reliable sign of anger) and then smile. They are actually baring their teeth.

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