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It’s OK To Be A Woman
By Henry Makow PhD

“In Spring, a young man’s thoughts turn to love” and so do a young woman’s.

Like pretty daffodils poking their heads above matted leaves, attractive young women are suddenly in evidence on neighborhood streets. They are usually alone and strike me as confused. They want male approval but are told men are evil. Their instincts say get married and have children but society tells them families are oppressive: “Get a career instead.”

If I could talk to these young women, I would say this:

You have been betrayed by society. Feminism, a lesbian ideology which denies gender differences, is poison for women. It has destroyed the things you most want and need, namely love, courtship and marriage.

Young men no longer think in terms of winning your friendship and love. They no longer need to marry or even commit to get sex. If you don’t go to bed, another girl will. No more dates. No more flowers. No more dinners,dances and movies. It’s booze, bed and “Good Bye.”

Women’s rights indeed!

Feminism is not a spontaneous grass roots social phenomena. It is top-down elite social engineering- i.e. behavior modification by the mass media, government and the education system. It was wholly sponsored by the central bankers in order to make women have careers instead of families.

Film producer, the late Aaron Russo was told this by the Rockefellers. Watch this video.


The purpose is to undermine the family as the basic social institution so people will be more dependent on government and corporations. It is part of a larger plan to bring in a veiled totalitarian world government by dynamiting the four legs of our human identity: race, religion, nation and family. The War on Terror and 9-11 are other aspects of this elite agenda.

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