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The Male Fallout
From Feminism
Don’t Give Up On American Women

By Henry Makow, PhD

Martha Kirkland is a “happy but poor” 30-something NYC artist who laments that she is dateless despite being “bright, thin, attractive, funny” and traditional.

In an email, she writes that she and many women friends “all possess certain idealism about the very distinct differences between men and women and applaud them.”

“None of us wants to either lead or compete in ANY relationship, most specifically, an intimate partnership. We are, at a relatively young age dinosaurs.”

Often the first question she is asked on a date is how much does she earn. The second is, does she “have a trust fund?”

“I find it so demoralizing that I lose interest in these men right away…I understand the financial imperative of the NYC area…. What I do not understand is how grace, charm and feminine essences no longer seemingly have value. The last thing my men friends want is ANY woman to be dependent upon them, especially emotionally and secondarily financially.”

Feminism lets men “off the hook.” We no longer have to take responsibility for families. Instead we can do as we please. In my case, that meant search for meaning and identity.

Ironically, I learned that these are rooted in the masculine role that feminism allowed me to forego. That’s the hidden agenda. Feminism unravels heterosexuality by blurring inherent sexual differences.

As a result, many men are turning off American women, marriage and children. The latest version of Hugh Hefner’s playboy is the “metro sexual.” He is a straight gay, fastidious about his appearance and possessions, interested in sex but not in emotional commitments.


I don’t enjoy being the bearer of bad tidings, but things have gone terribly wrong. Satanic forces have hijacked this planet. Of course, they are not going to tell you about it.

The super-rich have more in common with each other than with people like you and me who are “squatters” in their view. United in secret societies, they have infiltrated and subverted our political, economic, cultural and religious institutions. They are waging a secret war on humanity and are responsible for the political and economic upheavals of the past 200 years including the slaughter of millions.

The ultimate goal is to organize a weakened and reduced world population in an Orwellian police state. The attack on the World Trade Centre, the “War on Terror” and “Patriot Act” is really about this.

So is feminism. The correct male response to feminist subversion is to uphold rather than eschew the traditional vision of masculinity, marriage and family.


Henry Makow Ph.D is the inventor of Scruples and the author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His past essays on feminism and the new world order are stored at He enjoys receiving comments at henry at

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