From: Health Diaries

In an interview on Russia Today TV, investigative reporter Wayne Madsen spoke on Russian television about the swine flu. Here is an excerpt from the interview. The full interview can be seen in the video below.

“What we know, of course, is that there have been laboratories, especially at the University of Wisconsin at Madison that were involved in this, what I call the Jurassic Park development of this particular flu.

The 1918 flu, called the Spanish flu, was extracted from the corpse of a dead Inuit woman who died of the disease in Brevig Mission, Alaska, a small Inuit village, and it was recombined with or combined with other forms of flu to create this particular A H1N1 that’s been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

“Now it’s interesting to note that a company called FluGen which is associated with this research at the University of Wisconsin at Madison is now developing a vaccine. I think what we see with Baxter International, FluGen, and other companies developing a vaccine when some of these companies were involved in the research on this particular form of flu, people are a little bit skeptical about the profit motivation here.”

See the full interview below:


The number of confirmed cases of swine flu has topped over a hundred thousand, with the World Health Organization calling the pandemic ‘unstoppable’, and suggesting mass vaccination.