[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTjlcE8YLQw]David Icke Returns on Alex Jones Tv: “Last Days of The NWO!!”

Alex welcomes back to the show British writer, public speaker, former professional football player, reporter, television sports presenter, and spokesman for the Green Party, David Icke.




Widening our circle of compassion.


“There’s an old adage: the Devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.

And that’s why psychopaths are able to pick up young women and children. That’ why dictators are able to rise to power. That’s how this Michael Hilton con-artist could take over the town in Hardin, Montana.

Because people don’t want to admit that they’re being conned or that other people are taking advantage of them.”

— Alex Jones


“David, love ya — appreciate everything you’re doing, buddy.”

— Alex Jones