Warning: Sarah Palin’s tea party takeover will facilitate Obama reelection

I apologize for some of Alex’ language,
but PLEASE listen to what he’s saying
in this important video —
so we won’t get fooled again!

Something’s not right with Sarah.
She’s leading many astray.

The ‘church’ needs to know this.

Warning: NeoCon Palin’s tea party takeover will facilitate Obama reelection

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
February 9, 2010

In an urgent message on the systematic betrayal of the tea party, Alex Jones warns against the turncoats and deceivers flocking from the weakened GOP and FOX News wings to harness the populist uprising that briefly found life outside of the traditional two-party system.

Sarah Palin made more than headlines this past week– attempting a takeover of the tea party movement, backing GOP hack Rick Perry over a real & viable candidate, pitching for war on Iran and assessing Obama’s weaknesses in 2012.


Her presence as the keynote speaker at the ‘Tea Party Nation’ event this past weekend signaled a realignment of the once pro-Constitution tea party with the empty ideals of the Republican party, urging upset Americans to let go of their anger towards the two-party system and support a GOP platform once again.

Further, in traveling to Texas to stump for incumbent Governor Rick Perry after speaking under the Tea Party Nation banner, Palin is slighting the one real tea party candidate running in Texas– a rising Debra Medina who is insistent on shaking up the status quo and triumphing over party stooges Perry & Hutchinson. As of today, Medina is reportedly only 4 points behind challenger Kay Bailey Hutchinson. If no candidate gets 50%, a run-off is forced between the top two candidates.

What’s more, phony Palin fundamentally betrayed the sentiments of millions of Americans– whether at the tea parties or not– who have articulated their desire to scale down the Federal government and bring back troops from an unsustainable global U.S. empire. In a stunning statement on FOX News, Palin suggested that ‘if’ Obama played ‘the War Card’ by starting a war with Iran, only then would he have a viable chance at reelection in 2012. With the obvious implication that she too is eyed for 2012, Palin reinforced unconditional support for Israel’s agenda and urged Obama towards the same end.

Palin proves to be yet another front for NeoCon aggression in the middle east. Her senseless and deranged drumbeat for an Iranian War, like her support for torture and opposition to detainee rights, follows a recent column from Daniel Pipes lauding such a war as the only way to save Obama’s presidency.

Palin’s perceived ditziness is no excuse. At the very best, Palin’s confused-coloration between FOX-esque turncoats like Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry and ‘grassroots’ constitutionalists within the tea party movement demonstrates her flippant viewpoint and her naïveté.

However, like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin is not clueless or wrong. She too is a wolf in sheep’s clothing– not a Libertarian, Constitutionalist, freedom-lover or populist. Instead, both Beck and Palin are duplicitous and deceiving whores of the global establishment, practiced at fooling well-meaning followers into betraying their own interests.

Palin’s presence at the forefront of GOP presidential hopefuls for 2012 gives insight into a dismal political field cynically weeded of any independent or level-minded candidates. Instead, the system, which tricks the people again and again, favors a selection of potential successors guaranteed to be worse than the president before. Who but Obama could follow the abuses of George W. Bush? Who could be worse than Sarah Palin after Obama? Who but Palin could allow a president as unpopular as Obama to think of digging in for another term? Are we destined to lose all we have as we are trapped between the Devil and the deep-blue sea, headed towards WWIII and an apocalyptic economic atmosphere?

Hopefully not. But as Alex notes, we don’t have time to be fooled yet again by a political sideshow– a bait & switch– meant to volley between fundamentally-rotten Democrats and fundamentally-rotten Republicans. Americans must rise above that tightly-controlled paradigm, take a deep breath, and root out the evil and corruption deep within the system before all is lost.

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