David Rockefeller’s Eyes: “You feel a lot of EVIL. … I could see COLDNESS in his eyes. It was like DEAD EYES”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske (as accurately as I could, considering Dave’s high-speed accent and an audio glitch)

Dave Derby of The Sovereign Independent describes David Rockefeller’s eyes from an encounter during the Dublin, Ireland Trilateral Commission meetings, at a restaurant in The Four Seasons Hotel on 5/9/10:

~”It’s sort of like the gaze that he gave me back. Evil comes across. You feel a lot of evil. Even when he was walking past us, and he was only about 18 inches away from us when he was actually walking past us, where we were sitting.

When I saw him, when I saw that face, you know you have that immediate feeling of this cold chill in the air. He seems to be able to create that sort of atmosphere. …

Then when I was looking at him at the table, I could see coldness in his eyes. It was like dead eyes.”

It was like a divine appointment:

“Everything just fell into place. And where we sat — you know, there was no special reason why we sat where we did. We just sat there, and it just happened to be the place where Rockefeller walked straight past us. What are the chances of that happening? Everything in place for us. It was almost divine [laughs].”

We got out miraculously…. In a way, it felt like we were sort of running the gauntlet.”

Interview #167 – Neil Foster and Dave Derby
Date/Duration: 2010/05/10 / 24:17
Description: Dave Derby and Neil Foster of SovereignIndependent.com join us to discuss their recent confrontation of David Rockefeller at the Trilateral Commission meeting in Dublin, Ireland.
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Documentation – Sovereign Independent Confronts Rockefeller in Dublin Trilateral Venue
Time Reference: 00:00
Description: Watch the confrontation on YouTube.
Link To: YouTube.com


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