Do Animated Movies Prepare Children for Sodomy?

From: Henry Makow

Once we understand that animation picture makers carefully choose every little thing and gesture that goes into a film, it is very interesting to look at all the messages scattered throughout the virtual sets, on book covers, street signs, clothes and so forth.

Nowadays, many movies feature homosexuals (mostly men) gay behavior and even sodomy. While there is no doubt the movie industry is used for social engineering, promoting anti-traditional and subversive values, gays are nevertheless more often pictured as ludicrous than heroic. It is as if even gay directors and script writers (and I bet there are many of them out there) cannot quite give up the notion that a man acting like a hysterical woman is “funny”. Let´s see a few examples:

Madagascar 1: Melman, the giraffe, is clearly gay. He is a “sensitive”, self-centered hypochondriac completely devoid of androgenic hormones. Certainly there is no suggestion that he suffers from a developmental disorder or that anal intercourse is abnormal. He is a good companion for Alex, Marty and the lovely but dykey hippopotamus, Gloria. In one scene, Melman is submitted to a gynecological examination. In another, Alex tries to get him out of a crate using a palm trunk. When the trunk is inches away

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