Dr. Stanley Monteith believes Israel has the Nautilus anti-missile laser system up and running

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Dr. Stanley Monteith’s interview with Barry Chamish, 5/24/10Radio Liberty Audio Archives

“I personally believe that the Nautilus system is up and working, and that this is what Israel is depending on. I could certainly be wrong. We’re going to find out.”

– Dr. Stanley Monteith


From: Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty Newsletters – February 2010 & March 2010

The remainder of this letter is a transcript of an interview I did with Avi on February 23, 2010. A few words have been inserted [in brackets] to facilitate reading, and a few redundant words have been deleted, but I did not alter the text of the interview.

The transcript is recorded in regular type. My commentary is recorded in bold type.


Commentary: At this point I asked Avi about the secret Nautilus laser antiballistic missile system because it is the key to understanding the events that are taking place in the Near East today.

Dr. Stan: We are talking about a massive missile attack [on Israel]. I don’t know whether you can answer this question. Does Israel have an effective anti-missile defense? Many years ago I read an article in the Jerusalem Post about the Nautilus [antiballistic missile system], but the information wasn’t published in the United States. Does Israel have an effective missile defense so that it would be able to defend itself [from] those 85 thousand ballistic missiles? What can you tell me?

Avi Lipkin: Well, what I can tell you is what you already know and that you mentioned. The Jerusalem Post [said] the Nautilus system has been deployed on the ground around Gaza and the Lebanese border in the north, but the trick, and . . . I think we discussed this on your shows in the past, the trick is not the Nautilus on the ground, the trick is Nautilus in the air, and that is another reason for trying to postpone the war until the spring or the summer. If it’s not in the air, and you have a cloudy day, the Nautilus [system] doesn’t work because the clouds dissipate the strength of the [laser] beams.

Now, by the way, President Obama – I read his speeches and he says things that scare me. He was talking about the outdated 747s with some kind of a laser beam technology that he was going to try to veto . . . and that is the Nautilus. They give it another name and they say it will be in . . . two or three years, but the fact is the laser beam [is] from a U.S. Air Force 747 aircraft, [they] have been tested, and they succeed, so I would say that probably those things are up in the air already.

You know the U.S. . . . and the Israeli Military [aren’t] going to tell you what they have or what they don’t have. If it was in the Jerusalem Post, that the Nautilus is deployed on the ground, that was a one-time mistake by the censorship, and I never saw it again in the Israel papers.

Dr. Stan: . . . Neither did I. Every article I found said Nautilus is experimental . . . [but] I am certain the Israelis would never allow their country to be placed in a position where it could be annihilated by a barrage of Arab missiles. Would you agree that is probably right?

When I asked Avi Lipkin for additional information about the secret Nautilus antiballistic missile system that is deployed in Israel, he avoided my question by telling a joke.

Avi Lipkin: You know what? Let me tell you a joke. This is a joke that goes back to the Six-Day War in 1967, and the joke applies to me, too. The joke is an Israeli joke, (and) the joke goes as follows: an Israeli, a Frenchman, and an Irishman are taken captive by the cannibals . . . the cannibals tie them up to cook them, and the chief of the cannibals says, . . . “I know (that) if you guys die happy, your flesh . . . tastes better, so we are going to give you a last request so you will die happy.” So the Frenchman, his last request is a bottle of wine (because) if he drinks the whole bottle of wine and he gets smashed, then he won’t feel when he is burning to death. The Irishman wants a bottle of whiskey because if he drinks the bottle of whiskey, he will be smashed and he won’t feel (the pain). And the Israeli says, “Later.” So the Frenchman gets his bottle of wine, and says, “Viva la France,” and he gets smashed. The Irishman says, . . .”Long live Ireland,” and he gets smashed, and the Israeli says, “Later.” . . . The chief of the cannibals says, “Later is now. We are hungry and we’re going to eat you now.” So the Israel says, “Give me a kick in the butt,” and curses the chief of the cannibals. The chief of the cannibals gives him a kick in the butt and the Israeli, all of a sudden, unties himself, pulls out his Uzi and shoots the cannibals. . . . (Then) he unties the Frenchman (and) unties the Irishman, and . . . they asked him, “If you could have done this all along, why didn’t you do this in the very beginning?” And . . . (the Israeli) said, “Ooh . . . we Israelis don’t like to be called the aggressors.”

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