Gordon Lightfoot: 43-minute interview. Gordon is Scottish — ‘Braveheart’! But now I know why I never liked his song, “Sundown,” which actually marked his own personal decline — and America’s — in that his seediest song was his biggest hit!

The Gordon Lightfoot album that preceded Sundown, Don Quixote, was and probably always will be my favorite Lightfoot Album. I still listen to it regularly. Though it’s not perfect, it inspires me towards adventure, towards the mountains, towards life!!!

I always wondered what happened to Gordon, whose earlier music was such a big influence on my life. He never seemed to recover. Now I know. So many have gone down this road and lost their dreams.

But what is this road — what Gordon called on Sundown the artificially (even via substance abuse) induced, make-believe Carefree Highway — a substitute for the real thing?

What happens when one accepts the Carefree Highway mindset without really being on the carefree highway?

And what happens when an entire country accepts the Carefree Highway mindset without really being on it?

But there is a true carefree highway — which we can experience now, and will be able to more fully ride on when ONE happens — when people are truly ONE with each other and God — being truly in Christ (John 17). “Then the world will know,” Jesus said.

This is the Carefree Highway. And this is what my spiritual site is all about: ONEcanhappen.wordpress.com.

May we all ride together!!!

By the way, there are still some songs on Sundown that I’ll always like, like “Seven Island Suite.” And I’ve always loved the album cover, which was inspired me to title this set of photos of myself by this same name:

Click on photo for the full set of larger photos

Jeff Fenske : )

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKSGV00kXvE]Gordon Lightfoot. A Q TV Exclusive

The man, the legend. Gordon Lightfoot is one of Canada’s and the world’s most gifted and influential songwriters- a songwriter’s songwriter. He sat down with CBC host Jian Ghomeshi for an exclusive interview looking back on his successful career.

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