Britney Spears: Turning ‘nice’ on and off — Have you ever met someone who was too good to be true?

I’m putting this in the Lust Freedom! category because the smiles and the giggles are often just an act to lure guys in. The outward expression is a facade that hides powerful and seductive dark, spiritual forces that drive the deception.

Could this just be self-learned, demonically driven, ‘turn on’ behavior, or is this the switching of alters from actual mind-control:

In this 2003 interview with Diane Sawyer, Britney seems to momentarily switch alters in what seems to be a “mind control glitch”. When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

[youtube=]Britney Spears crying over Justin

Britney Spears breaks down to tears during a Diane Sawyer interview on ABC when asked about Justin Timberlake and cheating.

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1 week ago 33

Wow, that was…just, there’s something incredibly disturbing about watching this. Whether you want to attribute it to mind control or a mental condition or stress, I don’t know, but that drastic, polarized switch was just…it wasn’t natural, that’s for sure. I can’t think of anything better this woman could do then find a way to get the hell out of the industry permanently. Whatever it’s doing to her, it’s doing with a lot serious damage.

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1 week ago 21

I totally agree with the mind control thing but I think the trigger word was Weird, notice how after she says it she put on this really valley girl voice “Oh…weird, hello…oh my goodness, hello…ew” then she says strawberry/strong britney whichever you think is appropriate, then she calms down, SAYS WEIRD AGAIN! then goes “HELLO” in the same uppity voice, so its funny how that word jus took her off the edge


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34 thoughts on “Britney Spears: Turning ‘nice’ on and off — Have you ever met someone who was too good to be true?

  1. Bethany

    Hmm… I don’t know. Isn’t it possible that she was just shaking her head to get the tears to drain away because she was embarrassed about crying on camera?

    1. Anarch

      It could be any number of things including just good old fashioned mental illness. Here’s the thing…she’s a Disney girl and they seem to have some strange things going on over there. These people love to play the accuser but this is one of those times they may very well be right.

  2. russ hook

    What you are witnessing is MPD from TRAUMA-BASED MK Ultra MIND CONtro which started when Britney was a babyl. When I snap my fingers, go back into your comas!

    1. Anarch

      You little jerk. All she did was ask a question. You people are so emotionally attached to this belief that you immediately go into attack mode if anyone dares question your supposed infinite wisdom. As a result of that you show your insecurity and doubt in your own argument.

      1. russ hook

        Who are “YOU PEOPLE”???Do you mean anyone with the capacity to actually THINK outside the box? Do you mean someone with a CLUE??? You toxic MORONS who follow (like the SHEEPLE you are) “pop”/SHIT culture are the USELESS EATERS the Jews/Illuminati are talking about. They want to ELIMINATE/cull 3/4 of yous, and I wish they would hurry up!!

  3. Joshua

    I think it was the word “spasm” that triggered her. It is very apparent she is a victim of mind control. I feel horrible for her and pray for her.

  4. Joshua

    The sad part is these celebrities don’t know what’s happening to them and even if they did there isn’t allot they can do about it because they are under so many restraints. Britney in my opinion is the most trapped one out of all of them because of the breakdown she had in 2006/2007. She was in the process of recording her album “The Original Doll” which she took allot of creative control over and her label didn’t like the material she was recording. Songs such as “Mona Lisa”, “Rebellion”, and “State of Grace” had a message in them that Britney wanted to break free of her mind controlled state and be free. In her documentary “For the Record” she says it herself she just wanted everything to stop. Because the label did not approve of what Brit was recording she took matters into her own hands going to a radio station so they could play “Mona Lisa”. The label and her handlers were not happy at all with Britney, her actions and erratic behavior. Shortly after that it hit the news that Britney had been admitted to the hospital because of a dispute she had with her ex manager Sam Lufti, its alleged she had a mental breakdown and was “under the influence” Truth is she was sent to the hospital to be re programmed. Many other artist go through the same thing like, Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Eminem and many MANY others. They all play a role in the Illuminati’s plot to destroy our Nations youth and to keep the general public in a bubble. We are surrounded with distractions on a daily basis to keep us out of the loop on what is really going on in the world. We live in a society that cares ALLOT more about what is the latest celeb gossip or the latest BlackBerry or IPhone then what our government is doing to us.

  5. russ hook

    Thanx Joshua, you couldn’t be more right on with your comments. It gladdens my heart to know some are waking up out of their comas!

    1. Anarch

      Waking up…to the truth? You forgot that last tired cliche you smuggies like you use. So pleased with yourself…everyone else is asleep, but not ME, I’m just so brilliant and awesome and superior and blah blah blah…

      I think there might actually be something to this mind control stuff, but siding with you pricks is intolerable. You’re such typical cause-fighters, so full of your own crap and completely oblivious to what a jackass you come off as.

      1. russ hook

        Hey ASSHOLE Anarch! Thanx for not siding with “us pricks” b/c WE DON’T FUCKING WANT YOU…OK!?! Now run along b/c you don’t want to be late for your Mama’sBoy Anonymous meeting!

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve seen some conspiracy theory claims about various people (Britney Spears among them) being what they call “reptilian shape-shifters”. Some of the “video evidence” for these shape-shifters I believe is fake. However in this video of Britney with her “weird… hello …. eww” thing, after she starts crying and getting emotional, there seems to be a kind of “glitch” appearing on the right side of her forehead, it happens twice, once subtly, and a second time less so.

    The conspiracy theorists say that when these reptilian shape-shifters have strong emotions, they can’t maintain their shape as reliably.

    I also think Britney reacted to the word “spasm”.

    1. russ hook

      U hit it right on Anon! POS like Anarch below are DAMAGE CONtrol AGENTS! They want to steer you away from what you see, and KNOW to be true! They have much to LOSE, if and when the cattle wake up to their mind CONtrolled slavery! I saw POS Reptile Father Bush shape-shift slightly on TV also. I saw a tall man with Reptile eyes in a movie theater parking lot. I was 3 feet from him. Were they contact lenses? I don’t know for sure, but I DO NOT throw out the baby with the bath water. As far as what POS CONditioned cattle think of me…FUCK THEM!

  7. Elaine

    hi I was just watching this interview on you tube and it creeped me out
    i’ve been a fan of britney but never really read tabloids or watch interviews
    this one really made me feel like crying, it totally looked like spirit possession or something, I’m glad you guys
    posted this here and I read the comments, thank you for talking about this.
    I feel really sorry for Britney. Sorry for my english

    1. russ hook

      Hi Elaine, your English is fine, and Britney is MKed like millions of others. YES,…….MILLIONS!!!! You have seen them, and probably met them, and did not know it. I lived with one for 3 unbearable weeks. NOW, you can research this, or IGNORE it like the majority of sheeple do. It isn’t going away on it’s own.

  8. Anarch

    You know…she is in the music business. And there’s a lot of drugs! She could have just gotten too much too soon and blown a fuse and gone crazy.

    1. russ hook

      Or, you could be a POS, who’s agenda is to keep people from finding out the truth about MK Ultra MIND CONtrol? Or are you just another USELESS EATER who beLIEves everything on TV?

  9. She was actually quite surprised that Diane’s questions solicited such a response in herself – maybe she thought she was completely over that situation with Justin. Drugs? Mind control? Stress? Who knows. But she looked pretty embarrassed whatever the case.

    1. russ hook

      Thanx Bethany, but please just stick to the “Hmm… I don’t know.” OK………..BS is an MK Ultra mind controlled slave like ALL of the other “celebs” you idiots fawn after!

  10. James

    She was having an audible hallucination.

    It occurs under great stress or trauma.

    She probably heard something gross flying in her hear or something like that.

    Sad to watch.

  11. juan petro

    I’m not a psychologist, her behaviour is clearly not what anyone could consider normal, taken with her head shavening antics and kissing of madonna I wouldn’t rule it out. I don’t even know if mind control is real or possible. What I do know is that it appears that these companies in hollywood try to put these artist under purporsely high stress work loads in an effort to wear them down to the point of being unable to resist the constant handlers they surround them with whispering bullshit in their ear. Kind of like Dave Chappelle said. What makes the black strong men who come from tough backgrounds go and dress like a woman or act gay or in drag (Lawrence, Smith, Perry, murphy etc)? Why is/was Mariah still trying to strip and show off her bodies in her 30s when it’d make no difference to her sales (No man finds the 30 y/o version of her hotter than the 20 y/o version, and no one is buying her album for her looks at this point).

    From what I can gather the “mind control” in Hollywood consist of giving someone a purposely high work load like 16-18 hour days to wear them down to the point that when they are not working they have difficulty resisting, they try to get them hooked on drugs, surround them with handlers who constantly keep them supplied with drugs but more important try to convince the celeb that they are crazy on a daily basis or out of touch with reality. I am not sure if this constitutes mind control, but anyone who has been in a police interview for something they didn’t do, know after 8 hours of being told constantly you did something, you start to question your own mind/memory and even sanity, you start to wonder maybe you really did do whatever you’re being accused of and somehow possibly forgot.

  12. Anonymous

    I’m not incredibly sure what to believe about the industry, but I think Juan hits the nail on the head. I don’t think it’s a giant occult conspiracy but I do believe that these people (big stars. I think there are plenty of stars that don’t earn enough money for the industry to mess with them) undergo strange treatment in order to keep them profitable. This interview was definitely weird and disturbing. Same with the Anna Nicole Smith video.

    1. russ hook

      You don’t ‘think’ period AnonyMOUSE! Juan is another conditioned IDIOT like 99% of you. Yous are even too stupified to Google 2 words ‘mind control’ and research it. Your ‘opinions’ are WORTHLESS b/c you know shit about anything important. YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT REALLY GOES ON, b/c if you did know, that means you would hold some responsibility to DO something about it. That is out of the question for you SNIVELING COWARDS!!!

  13. Petty

    [quote]Wow, that was…just, there’s something incredibly disturbing about watching this. Whether you want to attribute it to mind control or a mental condition or stress, I don’t know, but that drastic, polarized switch was just…it wasn’t natural, that’s for sure. I can’t think of anything better this woman could do then [bold]find a way to get the hell out of the industry permanently[/bold]. Whatever it’s doing to her, it’s doing with a lot serious damage.[/quote]
    that’s simply not an option, considering she doesn’t own her body NOR her mind.

  14. Tigress

    She’s bipolar for God’s sake. Cut out all of this mind control and illuminati crap because 1) mind control is illegal ad you DO NOT TEST IT ON CELEBRITIES 2) the illuminati died out somewhere in the 1700’s or something and it has been shown that any organisation claiming to be the illuminati or members aren’t real and are fakes doing it for publicity.
    We should all know by now that poor, poor Britney has a horrid mental disorder or bipolar and some idiots are claiming that she’s had her mind taken over just because she’s a bit drained, tired and has gone through a lot. Britney Spears is my idol forever and it infuriates me to have people throw pathetic accusations like this at her.

  15. lao

    Wake up people. The handlers abuse these kids at a young age, fragment their minds into multiple personalities, then program each personality to serve the handlers’ needs. Google “MK Ultra” and get a clue.

    Whether you believe in spirituality or not, holy people meditate/pray and do good deeds… these pervs with sick amounts of money running the show are doing the exact effing opposite! Worshiping the dark side (Beelzebub) while dealing out horrifying acts to reflect and perpetuate the sickness. These demons get even more joy parading it right in front of your face while you pay for it. Wake up or be forever stupid.

  16. abram b offing

    The great deception is there game and asimalation is there turn u into them……what are they is the real question. Not HUMAN! ?!?

  17. abram b offing

    Warning fight for yours or be comesume.dont let them tell u powers are evil cuzz they want yours and by lieing to u and by u believing them.

  18. Marcus zakaria

    Notice at the end she says im in the birds can we stop this she knows something is wrong she knows her personalitys are clashing her alter was activsted with spasm its an unusual word to use

  19. justadude

    its not anything new from tom cruise jumping on oprahs couch,bob dylans confession of his deal with a ”chief”,and all the celebrities that have admitted to demon pocession the devil knows that the war is not of flesh but of spirits and principalities

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