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[video] Roger Morneau’s SECRET SOCIETY occult experience: How the SPIRITS SEDUCE AND EMPOWER the ‘elite’ to control society and make big MONEY — SUPERNATURAL GAMBLING* insight — MUSICIANS are spirit energized — TEACHERS OF EVOLUTION receive great capacity and power to induce spiritual blindness so students reject the Creator

* Today, “SUPERNATURAL GAMBLING insight” would include special STOCK TRADING revelations. Morneau’s experiences were in the mid-40s (1945?).


(edited and drastically shortened by Bryan Bissell from Roger Morneau’s book and an interview)

That was the beginning of it. When you get into a secret society of spirit worshippers and especially when you are invited there by the direction of the higher ups in the spirit world, you never get out of there alive. And that’s exactly what my friend and I were involved in; But, we didn’t know anything about that.

First Meeting with “Elite” Spirit Worshippers

…when Wednesday night rolled around, and he arrived outside with his big Lincoln. So we obligingly stepped inside and were taken to one of the most beautiful areas of Montreal, the place that we entered was a mansion. It was a most beautiful place. This was really a big surprise for me, as I had already made up my mind they were going to be rough looking characters. However, as we entered the place I was amazed to see that they were all superbly dressed, well mannered and that a lot of the people that we were being introduced to were the great and highly successful people of the city. They included prominent professionals, doctors, attorneys, and a lot of high placed business people. …

These people spent about two hours telling of the fantastic accomplishments and successes that they had attained through the workings of the spirits. They spoke mostly about major business transactions in which they had successfully used clairvoyance and mental telepathy to influence the outcomes. This all resulted in great profits to them. I recall a one lumber dealer….

Typewriters That Typed By Themselves!

Seeing my hesitancy, the high priest said, “Look, I’m not going to pressure you into anything, OK? But I want to show you what the spirits can do for a devoted servant.” We then went downstairs, not through the impressive staircase that I talked about that leads to the worship room of the gods, but down a stairs located at the other end of the building. A number of times I had gone there to the men’s room and I was mystified, as I always heard typewriters clicking like the dickens, in an adjoining room. I thought to myself, they must have a lot of people typing in that particular room. That evening when the high priest knocked on the door, someone responded, “come on in”. There were all of these typewriters rapidly typing all by themselves and typing at a speed that I’d never seen before. And not only that, the high priest then said to us, “I want to show you something clever, follow me.” So we went around the table, there were two long tables, on which there were about ten typewriters operating, and he said, “Now notice that the typewriter types to the right and then doesn’t go back, it types back to the left. Isn’t that something?” I had never heard of or seen anything like this before. He then said, “The spirits are doing all of the work. They type backward to show off their extraordinary intelligence”

He then introduced us to the man in this room, who it turned out was a prominent criminal lawyer. The high priest then asked him, “How much money did you make last year?” “Oh, he said, it’s up in the six figures.” All this person did was to put paper in each machine and different briefs for court cases came out, typed by the fallen spirits. He provided this service for the legal profession, and he would sell these briefs at a very high price to other criminal lawyers in both the United States and Canada. It was also explained to me that it was in the master’s best strategic interests to keep certain criminals free from incarceration. …


…in setting up the principles of his theories of evolution, Darwin was tutored by Satan himself, the master fallen angel. And at that time it was well understood, by this mastermind and his spirit counselors that if a person were led to believe in the theory of evolution, it would in his mind and heart destroy completely any confidence in the Biblical record of creation week, as detailed in the book of Genesis. This would also effectively destroy all belief in the fall of human kind, and in God’s plan of redemption. Thus in one master stroke they could do away with all of the foundational historical realities which point to the reality of man’s rebellion against his Maker and his desperate need for salvation.

Now the high priest made a unique statement, he said that according to the spirit intelligences, anyone who teaches other persons the theory of evolution is considered to be a minister of a great religious system. You see they actually understood it to be a religious system, this theory of evolution. This is because it was ingeniously devised by the master himself, as a system of schooling people to disqualify themselves – by making a spiritual choice – to reject the reality of the Creator and of Christ’s future eternal kingdom.

And the priest explained to us that every teacher of this theory is recognized in the spirit world, as a person of great value to the master’s kingdom, and such teachers receive a very special unction from Lucifer himself who gives them great capacity and power to induce spiritual blindness, to totally convince and convert the mind.

A Trip Into the Supernatural Part 1 Roger Morneau Spiritualism The Occult Rothschild Family Satanism






RogerMorneau — May 09, 2009 — … I thought I’d put up the whole video of Roger Morneau’s interview “A Trip Into the Supernatural”.

This interview is GUARANTEED to drop jaws and opens minds to the spirit world, and what type of people are involved in it.

Roger Morneau’s faith was so strong because he knew the EXACT OPPOSITE of Christianity when he was involved in the occult. He knew if he stood on that road he would eventually suffer from it. So he chose Christianity because it’s what the satanists and spirit worshippers were the MOST afraid of.

Much of the rest of this interview is spiritual disinfo pushing the Seventh-day Adventist ‘church’ as the true religion (though it keeps people stuck in the old covenant, etc.), so I’ve stopped posting here, but if you want to continue, here is part 8:


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  2. Great Post Jeff!

    “People like to dance to our music. In reality, the spirits take control of us – or in other words, possess us, energize us – and in turn we pass the influence on to the people. They like what they get and keep returning for more of the same. One time I had an interview on the radio with six of the top people in the radio world from Montreal and Toronto interviewing me. Everything I said seemed to fascinate them. In fact, I was amazed at my instant responses. Never had I been so witty in my life. And I enjoyed the attention they gave me. It almost reached a state of worship. This success of mine is easy to figure out once a person understands the mighty power of the spirits, and how to get that power working for you.”

    I find it related to many artists including Eminem, Rhianna, Jay Z & Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha Fierce – At least Dillan’s honest!

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    Io us muslims we know all this the prophet already warned us the antichrist is one eyed and we know why the one eye is evrywhere today

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