Katherine Albrecht Interviews Dr. Leonard Sax: Boys Adrift/Girls On the Edge — “What happens when you expose prepubescent children to substances that act like female hormones? Girls go through puberty earlier and boys’ testosterone levels drop.” “Avoid the plastics, and avoid the phthalates.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“…what happens when you expose prepubescent children to substances that act like female hormones? Girls go through puberty earlier …  and boys’ testosterone levels drop.”

A young man living today has a sperm count about half of what his grandfather’s would have been. He has a testosterone level roughly half of what his grandfather’s would have been at the same age.”

“You find a growing number of young men who prefer video games to girls.”

“Over the last 30 years, the age of onset puberty for girls has continued to drop, and that’s not been true for boys.”

Teenage boys and young men rely on testosterone for a big chunk of their motivation. Girls do not. … Hardworking, driven girls do not have higher levels of any hormone than girls who are less motivated. … And when testosterone levels drop, as they have done … then young men will be less motivated. And they are.”

A girl should not be going through puberty at eight years of age, because those years—7, 8, 9 years of age—those years are very precious years. The brain is plastic prior to the onset of puberty in a way that it is not once puberty has begun. A child before the onset of puberty can learn any language in the world without formal instruction….

Girls who go through puberty earlier are much more likely as teenagers to have anxiety, depression, to be cutting themselves….”

“If your daughter wants to use skin lotion … make sure it doesn’t have the word fragrance in the ingredients (if it’s Johnson and Johnson).”

– Dr. Leonard Sax

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No wonder, you look around at the mall, you look around anywhere in the United States and everybody looks like they’re half dead. No wonder. No wonder.”

Avoid the plastics, and avoid the phthalates.”

– Katherine Albrecht

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From: Katherine Albrecht archives

Thu., July 15, 2010

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China // Internet of Things // Dr. Leonard Sax //

China is trying to use RFID chips to track all items and create and Internet of Things as described by Ron Callari.  Read Spychips for more information.  Proctor & Gamble and Walmart are trying to further this agenda – boycott them to keep from funding them and their agenda.  ★★★★★Dr. Leonad Sax and Katherine have a fascinating and thought provoking discussion about the impact of the environment and chemincals on both boys and girls.

China’s ‘Internet Of Things’ To Become Semantic Web Superpower?

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Boys Adrift

Girls on the Edge

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Shopper’s Guide to Safe Cosmetics

Hour 2 ( Download the MP3 )

Advice and Cautions // Soy // Plastics // Teflon //

Katherine tells us that we must appreciate what we have and keep fighting for our freedom and privacy.  Don’t fall into the trap of giving up because some freedoms have been lost.  Shentrition Bulk Special has been extended – if you use coupon code “spychips” on website or mention Katherine Albrecht when calling in at 866-497-SHEN you get an additional 10% off.  Do not use soy or endocrine disruptors (found in plastics), Katherine will be doing a show on the toxicity of Teflon and reads the headlines of a host of stories where birds have been killed from the fumes.  PFOA emitted from teflon is a listed carcinogen and ubiquitous in the environment.  Do not buy food from China – the melamine tainted ingredients have been resurected.  If you are a listener on the local radio dial, please email kma@spychips.com and let her know the station name and/or number. Please help support this listener supported show.

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