Michael Coffman: Rescuing A Broken America

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

They’re deconstructing the American way
and putting something else in its place

– Michael Coffman

The Rousseau model basically means
the state is in control over, or sovereign over the individual.”

– Michael Coffman

“All of that stuff (Hitler’s religious beliefs, etc.)
is now sanitized out of our history books.”

– Michael Coffman

These people are evil.
They’re evil down to the very core.
I think your description of them as being Luciferian
is right on target.”

– Michael Coffman

“The globalists want to destroy the dominant culture of Christianity…
so they’ll use anything that’s from the outside to create divisions.”

– Alex Jones

“We need to train them not to fight against us,
we’ll give them sports as a way to be the new hero.”

– Alex Jones
recalling Plato‘s power-over strategy

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh4pWGl04is]Michael Coffman, PhD: Rescuing A Broken America – Alex Jones Tv 1/3

TheAlexJonesChannel | August 04, 2010

Today Alex welcomes Dr. Michael Coffman, author of “Rescuing a Broken America, why America is Deeply Divided and How to Heal it Constitutionally”.
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Over the past 100 years global forces have actively worked to change the world view of Americans and create what they now call global governance. Unknowingly indoctrinated Americans have moved from a liberty and constitutionally focused world view based on the writings of Englishman John Locke, to that of government control of the individual based on the writings of Frenchman Jean Jacque Rousseau. After failing in the early 20th century, Rousseau’s progressive model of state control once again dominates government policy and America’s world view.

Progressive ideology permeates our education, judicial, media, and legislative institutions. It is non-partisan, infecting both the Democrat and Republican parties. It is destroying the free market system, individual civil liberties and protections guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

There is hope. Although seriously weakened, the Constitution still stands and its protections are still in most federal and state laws. Little known — even to attorneys — these provisions offer protection for local communities from the tyranny of laws passed by mislead progressives.



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