[8/6/2010] Meanwhile, the fluoride media blackout continues in Anchorage, Alaska.

I’ve posted many articles on the detriments of dumping fertilizer manufacturing scrubbing liquid into our drinking water. Here is the latest: Fluoride Truth on Australian TV: Fluoride Retards the Brain!

A few years ago, I compared the number of articles on the fluoridation issue in Juneau, Alaska’s newspaper and Anchorage’s.

The McClatchy owned Anchorage Daily News (keeping Anchorage in the dark) hardly had any discussing the issue. I recall about 30 in total, but most of them weren’t discussing its legitimacy. During the same period, the Juneau Emperor Builder had about 500 articles on the pros and cons of water fluoridation, which actually pacifies the population and reduces IQ.

And Anchorage’s local talk radio is no better. It’s as if there is a ban on discussing this serious issue. We need our health and all of our mental faculties, you all!

Juneau, Alaska has now banned fluoride. Kodiak has banned it.

And here is a cool site on the fight regarding the fight to ban fluoride in Fairbanks: fluoridefreefairbanks.org. I don’t know if it has been decided at this time or not.

What’s up, Anchorage? Do you like being poisoned?

Is everybody asleep, by design?

“Why fight when we’re out on the next flight?”

Jeff Fenske

2 thoughts on “[8/6/2010] Meanwhile, the fluoride media blackout continues in Anchorage, Alaska.

  1. jwillie6

    The big money and the big profits are on the side of selling that industrial toxic waste to communities. Newspapers and media have become less interested in presented both sides of important issues, because when people learn the truth, they reject fluoridation.

  2. Dana

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