Katherine Albrecht: Appalling Dog-microchipping Stories

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Mon., August 09, 2010

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Microchips //

Katherine relates the woeful stories of non-working microchips in pets.  Microchips cause cancer, migrate and often do not work.  A family complied with EU requirements for vaccinations and microchips when travelling from the UK to France.  France couldn’t read the chip so the dog is in quarantine and neither country will let the dog in.  In VA, a dog’s chip was not read so it was put to death because the owner relied on the chip and called the shelter minutes too late.  A woman was arrested for buying cold medicine three times in one week for her son and daugher-in-law.  Thanks for the email from Vince (IN).

Impounded: family forced to leave their dog in France because officials couldn’t scan its ID chip

Coco the dog stranded abroad

Pet Microchips Give False Hope?

Spychips (order form)

Microchips and cancer links

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ObamaCare // Dr. Ricky Lee Jackson // National Doctors Tea Party //

Katherine and Dr. Ricky Lee Jackson discuss ObamaCare and the protest against it in San Diego by the National Doctors Tea Party.  ObamaCare criminalizes medical decisions and is a disaster waiting to happen.  The original oath swore doctors to do no harm and no abortions.  Katherine reads quotes from The War Against God in Lithuania by Dr. J. Savasis, 1966.

Dr. Ricky Lee Jackson

National Doctors Tea Party

Hippocratic Oath – wiki

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