The Kinsey Syndrome: Ph.D. pedophiles designed the sex education programs in America. Does an addiction to porn create a kind of shadow person, someone who ends up leading a double life?

Transcriptions by Jeff Fenske

“It’s said that the greatest myth about pornography is that nobody gets hurt.

…does an addiction to porn create a kind of shadow person, someone who ends up leading a double life…?”


This documentary shows how “The Kinsey Reports” have been used to change the laws concerning sex crimes in America, resulting in the minimal sentences so often given to rapists and pedophiles. Further explained is that the Kinsey data laid the foundation for sex education — training teachers, psychologists and even Catholic priests in human sexuality. What has been the consequence? And what was Kinsey’s research really based upon?

Working secretly in his attic, Dr. Kinsey was one of America’s original pornographers. His influence inspired Hugh Hefner to launch Playboy Magazine – the “soft” approach to porn – which in time would escalate the widespread use of pornography through magazines, cable TV and the Internet. In 2006 the California Child Molestation & Sexual Abuse Attorneys reported that: “The number of victims of childhood sexual abuse and molestation grows each year. This horrific crime is directly tied to the growth of pornography on the Internet.”

Perhaps most disturbing, Alfred Kinsey has been accused of training pedophiles to work with stopwatches and record the responses of children being raped – all in the name of “science.” Among his workers was a Nazi pedophile whose relationship to Kinsey was exposed in a German court. The information from these crimes was then recorded in “Table 34” of Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. How can lawmakers use such a document to define the moral parameters of our society?

Why has the truth about Kinsey been suppressed for so long? And what can Americans do to make a difference?

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RefuseResistProd | February 25, 2010

The Kinsey Syndrome unfolds the work and influence of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, considered to be “the father of the sexual revolution.” But did Kinsey liberate America from its prudish view of sex? Or help to unleash the horrors of our present society?

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“The experts were the rapists.”

“This is the torture of children!”

– Judith Reisman, author:
Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences




The children of table 34

Many of the children abused by Kinsey’s pedophiles
probably had no idea that they were a part of
a government sponsored study

• • • •

“Children aren’t sexual from birth.”

– victim


Nazi/Kinsey tie


Aleister Crowley/Kinsey tie

“Do what thou wilt….”




J. Gator Henry, former Penthouse producer:

“What delivered me, what took me out of that was plain and simple:
nothing but the power of Jesus Christ and the power of His Spirit
through the fear of God.”


That fear might be summed up in the Gospel of Luke.
When speaking about children,

Jesus said:

‘It were better for a man that a millstone
were hanged about his neck,
and he cast into the sea,
than that he should offend one of these little ones

• • • •

A sexual predator in the act,
focusing lust spirits, “celestial warmth” on his boy victim,
a form of James-3 cursing, says:

“I as a human being am bathing him
in a certain kind of celestial warmth.”



“There is a whole issue of denial. …
Pastors need to address it from the pulpit.”

I’m grieved at the lack of moral outrage
that there is lacking today in our culture,
and particularly in the church
in the whole area of sexual perversion.
I believe it is the Mount Whitney.

I think addiction, and particular, sexual addiction is
the Mount Whitney of sin in the church today

If I could use a more effective metaphor,
I really think it’s like an iceberg.
We just barely see the tip of it,
but underneath the surface
there is such deep denial

– Jeff Reinke,
pastor of North Coast Calvary Chapel


“Many of the Ph.D.s who teach in our universities
have not only been associated with The Journal of Paedophilia,
but have also served as the board members for pornographic magazines
like Penthouse Forum.

These are the people who have designed
the programs for sex education in America

“When you consider that the Ph.Ds. who have designed these programs
openly support the pedophile philosophy
we can only wonder:
is sex education really intended to protect America’s children
or to condition them

The Kinsey institute continues to lead the way in sex education,
and continues to be funded by the American taxpayer.”



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