Eric Rush on Radio Liberty: What happened to the black community? Their clergy was subverted. Their religious leaders were essentially their foundation. “They listen to these black leaders; they get angry; they stay angry…”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Black Americans had been shepherded away from their social conservatism by the far left. …their clergy was subverted as well by the hard left.”

Their religious leaders were essentially their foundation, their rock for their communities. … Their communities were really solid. The family was really solid. And what happened is they were shepherded away from that belief, that social conservatism, by the hard left. Some of their pastors, actually a lot of them, particularly very high profile ones succumbed to the promises of fortune and glory and a seat at the table of white progressives, and they started telling them a different message.

They started accepting different kinds of gospels: social justice gospels, black liberation theology. And consequently, they started supporting political factions, hard left political factions in the Democratic party that got them into a state of dependency. A sense of entitlement was fostered. They essentially started paying women to have children, and made the black father essentially obsolete.”

They listen to these black leaders; they get angry; they stay angry; they don’t see the opportunities that are out there for them. They watch rap; they act that way; they wonder why they get kicked out of school or they drop out and they can’t get jobs.

And it’s validated by the people around them, and consequently, you have the society that we have now. And if you or I complain about it, or if Bill Cosby complains about it, you’re either a ‘racist’ or a ‘race traitor.'”

“We sink or swim, together.”

– Eric Rush, author
Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession

on Radio Liberty, 7/27/10

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