Joe Biden: NAKED BODY SCANNERS and Airport Pat-Downs Intrusive and ‘NECESSARY’

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Joel Skousen suggests the reason the government is risking mass outrage is to get exactly that so the people will accept biometric scanning. The end-goal is probably the microchip.

Listen to the Radio Liberty broadcast here: Date: 11-18-10, Hour: 2, 4:00: Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief

From: CNN


Interview With Vice President Joe Biden

Aired November 18, 2010 – 21:00   ET


KING: OK. Thanksgiving’s right around the corner. What do you make in a lot of discussion now in America, you — everybody’s got an opinion, the pat-down policy? Cause there’s going to millions at airports.

JOE BIDEN: Well look, Larry, maybe because I spend so much time every morning dealing with the threat assessment that’s out there and the fact that it’s real — I understand peoples’ frustration, but I — unless there’s a new technology that comes along pretty quickly, I think it’s — I think it’s a necessary policy. I think it will have the effect of saving lives intercepting explosives or — or before —

KING: But in a democracy, it’s an invasion. I mean, it is an invasion.


JILL BIDEN: It is, but if you think about it, I mean, really, we’re fighting — I mean, terrorism is — it’s a threat. And I think Americans should — I mean, they should realize it and — and put up with it, I think.

KING: Anyone in the administration against doing it?


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