From: Infowars, Lindsey Williams: Crude Oil Price Targeted for $150-200 per Barrel

During his hour-long radio interview on the Alex Jones show today, broadcast over, longtime Alaska oil reserves expert Lindsey Williams told Alex that he’d learned recently from two of this longtime friends, both retired top executives of major oil producers, that the price of crude oil, now rising again, is slated to move to $150-200 per barrel soon.  According to Williams, the equivalent price of gasoline at the pump should range then between $4-5 per gallon.  In fact, the price for drivers in California is about four dollars already, he said.

Williams also told Alex that one of the execs had said him that the Euro is slated for collapse soon, although at an unspecified time.  Once this happens, the dollar will collapse within the next two to three weeks, wiping out tens of millions of Americans financially, presumably within a few days or a few weeks.

Lindsey emphasized once again, as he has done on all his interviews with Alex over the years, that he knows these executives very well and trusts their information because these predictions are always on target and on time.  For this reason he implored Alex’s listeners to get prepared now for collapse of dollar and do whatever will be necessary for to survive and then live through this debacle.

Williams became a friend and trusted confidant of these executives while he served as chaplain for them and their construction crews building the Alaska pipeline during the 1970s.  During that stay he learned that both of these executives were privy to the plans of the globalist elite to bring down nations of the world and create a new world order economy.  Because they trusted him, they allowed him to sit in on their private meeting and listen to them discuss their often-secret plans and programs.

Both executives have maintained their friendship with Williams since their days on the pipeline project with him.  They have also been willing to reveal the future plans of the globalists every so often ever since.  Furthermore, they have even let him reveal much of this information to the public during his radio interviews, through the videos he produces and through the content of his book, The Energy Non-Crisis.

[youtube=]Lindsey Williams Returns: Confessions of an Elitist – Alex Jones Tv 1/4

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Alex talks with Lindsey Williams, the ordained Baptist minister who went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary where he learned about the secret agenda of the elite. Williams will talk with Alex about what the oil industry insider “Mr. X” told him before he passed away.


Recorded December, 2010: this is the latest audio production from Lindsey Williams sharing inside information straight from the Ruling Elite. Also included is Lindsey’s advice on how to keep you and your family safe during the coming storm upon this nation. As Lindsey has expressed, there is no copyright so pick up your copy, replicate, and distribute freely to as many people as possible. This CD set is recommended only for those who have seen the 6 DVD set: Hope, Tragedy, Reality/The Elite Speak as it is in addition to those productions.






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