[video] Joel Skousen: MIRACULOUS Plane Crash Survival! | "Rothschilds are the biggest financial base of the New World Order"

Transcriptions by Jeff Fenske:

Rotchschilds discussed at minute-30:40

Alex: “How powerful are the Rothschilds?”

Joel: “I think they are the key base of money operations of the globalists, and there is a major U.S. component to that, now, which competes with them to a certain extent. But I think the Rothschilds are the biggest financial base of the New World Order that we’re dealing with.”

No pre-trib rapture at minute-38:45

Joel: “I’m of the belief that there has never any time in history that God has not put His own people through the fire of adversity in order to strengthen them, to make them stronger. This earth is a test life. It’s to test ourselves to see how we will respond to the promptings of the Spirit of the Lord as it guides us through difficult times. I personally think that we’re going to go through the tribulation….”

AMAZING plane crash discussion at minute-44:10

Alex: “You must have hit really hard to break a 2,000 pound seat belt.”

Joel: “Absolutely, and as I say, not to have any broken bones, and not even to hit the jagged portions of the fuselage that were just inches away from my head just had to be some divine intervention.”

* * *

Discussion with Joel starts at minute-6:45; MIRACULOUS plane crash survival story at minute-44:10[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsIroPdiWu8]Joel Skousen: Cyprus OKs EU Bank Heist

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Published on Mar 25, 2013

On today’s show, Alex talks with author and the founder and chief editor of World Affairs Brief, Joel Skousen, about the slow motion financial melt down. Alex also takes your calls on today’s worldwide broadcast. http://www.joelskousen.com

The ongoing story about Cyprus’ intent to raid all savings accounts in this tiny republic is really about a heist mandated by the EU bailout commission—and that’s because the shady bank economy in this island tax haven is around eight times the size of the real economy there. The EU decided to force Cyprus to raid bank deposits, the only ready source of funds. The announcement came on a Saturday when banks were closed but news of the “tax” caused a firestorm of protest and thousands ran to the ATMs and tried to empty as much of their accounts as possible. This move by the EU has poisoned the trust in banks all over Europe creating instability for most Western economies. You can request a one-time free sample of the briefs by sending an email to editor@worldaffairsbrief.com.

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