Anchorage Assembly votes 9-2 to keep fluoride in the water supply — Hypothyroid low energy, I.Q. lowering, etc. effects continue through forced public medication!

We have some of the best city water in America: from a glacial fed lake (Eklutna) and wells. But then they dump hydrofluoric acid into it, which can only be fully removed by removing all of the healthy minerals through distillation or reverse osmosis (which doesn’t even remove all).

Anchorage Assembly is force medicating the public without a doctor’s license and without everyone’s consent.


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From: ADN

Anchorage Assembly votes 9-2 to keep fluoride in the water supply

Published: September 10, 2013

The fluoride controversy took the main stage at the Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday night and after an hour and half of testimony and debate, the Assembly backed the status quo: fluoride in the water supply.

The resolution, approved on a 9-2 vote, urges fluoride foes who want to keep up the fight to seek a citywide advisory vote. Two dozen people testified, more against fluoride than for it.

Critics of fluoride in drinking water have been pushing the Assembly to stop the practice, as was done in Juneau, Fairbanks and Palmer. For years, they’ve been speaking at the end of Assembly meetings during the public comment time. They call it forced medication. They say fluoride is a poison. …

Supporting it were Flynn, co-sponsors Adam Trombley and Chris Birch, Assembly Chairman Ernie Hall and members Amy Demboski, Jennifer Johnston, Bill Starr, Tim Steele and Dick Traini. Opposing it [the good guys – jeff] were Paul Honeman, whose public safety committee has been working on the issue and is close to crafting its own proposal, and Elvi Gray-Jackson, who said she didn’t support a vote based on members personal opinions.

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